International Techno293 Class Association AGM- Minutes

Date and time: 9th of December at 18:00 UTC Venue: Online

Registration of voting delegates and email votes

Committee members present: Marc Cardon, Bruno Marques, Benoit Treguilly, Janis Jekabsons, Oli Woodcock, Sara Cholnoky, Ali Masters, Yair Suari and Ezio Ferin (9 votes)

Appologies: Cheng Kwok Fai

The following national class associations appointed delegates were present: BEL, CYP, CZE, EST, FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, GRE, HUN, ISR, ITA, LAT, NED, POL, POR, SVK, TUN, TUR (19 votes)

The following national class associations sent email votes: JPN (1 vote) The meeting was quorate with a total of 29 possible votes in the room.

Previous Minutes

There were no matters arising or questions to the Previous Minutes

Chairman’s Report

Marc Cardon opened the report by referring to the 2021 Events conducted by the Class and thanking the organisers for their efforts in the challenging time. Both the European and World Championships were highly successful and well attended events, which were well received by the coaches, parents and athletes. Marc also praised the introduction of the U13 category, which proved to be successful for the Class.

Marc continued to present an overview on the Techno Wind Foil WS Class application process, which had not been successful and was differed to the WS mid-year meeting, asking member countries for their support. However, despite the health and economic crisis, the class has developed well in many clubs around the world. Unfortunately the majority of national and international events having been either canceled or postponed, this prevented us from demonstrating our real activity. And we have received the support of 4 national authorities from 2 continents and we need 5. Marc asked the participants to request their national authorities for a letter of support.

Financial Statements

Bruno Marques commented on the 2020 financial statements indicating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on classes and events worldwide.

There were no matters arising.

Class Committee recommendations

There were no Committee recommendations

Class Rule change submissions to World Sailing

Submission 1 – Housekeeping

The submission was approved unanimously Submission 2 – 5.0 Sails

The submission was stated to be temporary and will be pulled out at the next AGM except if the Tahe 4.8 would not be yet available.

Discussion followed with comments regarding the sail presented by Tahe Outdoors.

Special attention was brought to sail number size and application of sail numbers on dacron sails.

Special attention was brought to the mast and boom to be used and weight of the beginner rig, which is to be introduced.


Tahe Outdoors to follow up. The submission:

“ Amend C.9.1(b)LIMITATIONS to read

Sailors competing in the U17 division shall use the 7.8 sq.m sail and/or the 6.8 sq.m sail; sailors competing in the U15 division shall use the 6.8 sq.m sail and/or the 5.8 sq.m sail; sailors competing in the U13 division shall use the 5.8 sq.m sailand/or any sail of 5.0 sq.m. or less with an aluminum boom and mast with maximum 75% carbon content.”

 was approved unanimously

Other matters

Issues with 5.8 sail were mentioned and Benoit Treguilly informed the Class he will work with the manufacturer to fix the problem arising.

The following Event Policy for 2022 was described with positive comments from the floor.

Future events were presented as follows:

2022 European Championships 17 – 23 April, Cagliari, ITA

2022 Worlds Championships 29 October – 5 November, Limassol, CYP

2023 Candidacies were named with information that bids are still being received and that decisions will be made by the Executive Committee early in 2022.

HUN made a presentation on the bid to host a European or World Championship at Balaton in the summer season with a flexibility on dates.

ITA bid to host the Europeans or Worlds in Palermo was mentioned. ITA bid to host the Europeans in Torbole

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