Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2018


Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Techno293 Class Association

Venue – Liepaja, Latvia.
Date – Wednesday, 8th August, 2018
Meeting started: 20:15
1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes
Marc Cardon- present
Bruno Marques – present
Raul Saubidet – present
Oli Woodcock – present
Ezio Ferin – present
Nevin Sayre – voting paper
Helen Bennet – voting paper
Marco Rossi – voting paper
National associations represented by delegates:
National associations voting paper:
28 votes were recorded.
In attendance:  Ceri Williams – Class Secretary, Piotr Oleksiak event Class Representative and many observers
2. Minutes of the previous meeting
No matters arising
3. Chairman’s Report
In his report the Chairman, Marc Cardon summarized the year and the events organized for both Techno293 and Techno293Plus classes. He thanked everybody involved in the growth of the class emphasizing the role of Ezio Ferin, who was stepping down from the Committee. The Chairman suggested that the next voted Committee should look into appointing Ezio as a honorary member of the class. This was met with approval of the gathered NCA representatives.
4. Financial Statement
The financial statement was presented by Class Secretary Ceri Williams and Class Treasurer Bruno Marques. The financial statement to be available through the class website.
Due to increase of costs and difficulty to find high level event organisers an intention to raise entry fees of major events was indicated. The proposal was met with understanding from the NCA members present. Proposed raise to 180 – 200 Euro from the present 150 Euro.
No other matters were raised concerning the financial statement.
Equipment issues were mentioned (please see other matters below)
5. Class rules
i) Spacers and mast protectors – a submission from the Technical Committee. To amend Class Rules to accept the use of the following:
“T-piece spacers as supplied to the RSX by NP (NP manufactures the sails for BIC) and mast protectors, that in the judgement of the Equipment Inspectors do not change the essential form or function of the mast, will be allowed.”
Final wording of the Class Rule amendment to be agreed with World Sailing.
Approved unanimously 
ii) Personal optional equipment – a submission from Oman Sail. Change C3.3 to:
“An electronic or mechanical timing device, including watch or mp3 earphone player.” Current Class rules allow: ‘an electronic or mechanical timing device’ – we assume that electronic earphones we are using since June 2018 comply fully with class rules, if not we present this submission.
Not approved (4 YES, 23 NO, 1 Abstention)

iii) Personal cameras – a submission from Piotr Oleksiak, Event Class Representative. “Submission to change Class Rules and Championship Rules in order to allow Personal Cameras and their attachments to be carried on board provided that they do not affect the function or use of any existing part of the board or associated equipment.” Full proposal here: – Submission to change T293 Class Rules and Championship Rules – Submission to change T293Plus Class Rules and Championship Rules

Approved (23 YES, 5 NO)
6. Championship Rules
a) To authorise the Committee to review the current class championship rules.
Approved (27 YES, 1 NO)
7. Future Championships
Class Secretary Ceri Williams informed the gathered NCA representatives that 2019 events will be published as soon as finalized.
8. Elections
Elections Candidates for election to the committee are:
Marc Cardon (FRA)
Marco Rossi (ITA)
Helen Bennett (GBR)
Oli Woodcock (GBR)
Raul Saubidet (ARG)
Bruno Marques (BRA)
Nevin Sayre (USA)
Brett Morris (AUS)
Cheng Kwok Fai (HKG)
Janis Jekabsons (LAT)
Members agreed unanimously to vote for the whole Committee in one vote.
The Committee was elected unanimously 

9 Any other business
i) Quality of racing and venues was raised.
Especially onshore facilities, entertainment for sailors and Race Committee proficiency.
It was decided that the Class will look into having a Class Principal Race Officer. 
ii) Equipment issues were raised.
Especially masts, sails, dagger board and fin
The Equipment Sub-Committee is tasked with working towards:
-encouraging Bic Sport to keep pricing stable
-reviewing quality issues with the equipment, especially the rig and fin, in consultation with Bic Sport