Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2017
of the International Techno 293 Class Association

Date – Thursday, 26th October, 2017
Venue – Club Nautic Salou, Tarragona, ESP

1. Ezio Ferin, Chairman, welcomed participants. Voting delegates and email votes were
verified: 9 postal votes, 21 delegates present and 4 committee members present.
2. Previous minutes. The 2016 AGM, were approved. Benoit Treguilly from Bic Sport
answered questions about equipment.
3. Chairman’s Report. Ezio Ferin noted the continued growth of the class and the help of
coaches and parents. He announced with sadness that he was stepping down from his
position as Class Chairman for family reasons. Ezio remains as member of executive
committee. Marc Cardon assumes the position of Class Chairman.
4. Financial Statement. Presented. Bruno Marques, IWA Treasurer, reported on IWA
decision to verify and introduce improvements to accounting system.
2016 Accounts can be found on the IWA website.
5. Constitution. Results of voting on proposals:
a) Proposal to bring the T293 Plus Class under T293 Class Association jurisdiction and meet
World Sailing Regulations governing classes: APPROVED (Unanimously).
b) To give responsibility for one member class to the Chairman, and responsibility for the
other member class to the Vice Chairman: APPROVED (Unanimously).
6. Class Rules. Results of voting on proposals:
a) Proposals from Bic Sport to update the T293 Building Specification with the introduction of
a new boom. Benoit presented the new boom. It will be released for sale from the end of
June. The old boom will remain class legal equipment. The new boom will be allowed
starting from the Europeans championship in October. NED proposed as a friendly
amendment that the boom will be 5cm shorter. The AGM accepts unanimously the vote on
the friendly amendment. AGM voted on the proposal: APPROVED (Unanimously).
7. Championship Rules. Results of voting on proposals:
a) Minimum age limits. To introduce a minimum age of 15 years, in year of competition, for
Techno 293 Plus Youth division. NOT APPROVED (YES: 9/NO: 25). A majority in favor that
a 13 year old limit to be written in the Sailing Instructions through a future submission.
b) Safety System. To delete the points penalty for failure to check in/out. NOT APPROVED
(YES: 5/NO: 29).
c) Trackers. Introduce system of fines for failure to return trackers. Penalties should not affect
racing results (race position). NOT APPROVED (YES: 7/NO: 27).
d) Extensive discussions on penalty system for check in/out. A majority feels that system
needs improvement to avoid penalizing distracted sailor.
8. Future Championships and venues
a) Presentations about the 2018 European and World Championships. Presentations from
Coluccia (Sardegna), Torbole and Greece.
b) Presentations from Cesaria, Israel for 2019 Worlds and a stated intention from Cesme,
Turkey, to host the event.
9. Any other business – GBR makes proposal that the adoption of a longer fin should be
studied. It was met with negative feedback from the floor due to the fact it would not be
possible in older equipment

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