Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2011

Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Techno 293 Class Association held on  Thursday, 21st July 2011 at the St Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, USA.

1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes

The Class Chairman, Ezio Ferin, welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.

The following votes were recorded:
Ezio Ferin – committee Chairman
Marc Cardon – committee Vice Chairman
Nevin Sayre – committee
Winfield Zee – committee
Didier Flamme – committee, proxy vote to Marc Cardon
Gustavo Almenara – committee, proxy vote to Raul Saubidet
Marco Rossi – committee, email vote
Helen Cartwright – committee, email vote
Grant Beck – committee, email vote
ARG – delegate, Raul Saubidet
AUS – email vote
BEL – delegate, Bruno de Wannemaeker
BRA – delegate, Bruno Marques
FRA – delegate, Marc Cardon
GBR – delegate, Philip Bloodworth
GRE – delegate, Kostas Moutsatsos
HKG – delegate, Winfield Zee
HUN – email vote
ISR – delegate, Ronnie Meir
ITA – delegate, Mauro Covre
LAT – delegate, Maris Birzulis
MEX – email vote
NED – delegate, Robbert-Jan van Velzen
NZL – email vote
PER – email vote
POL – email vote
SWE – email vote
USA – delegate, Nevin Sayre

The meeting was declared ‘quorate’ with 28 votes in the room.

Benoit Treguilly attended the meeting to represent BicSport.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising

There were no matters arising.

3. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported another good year in the development of the class, and thanked everyone involved for their hard work. He once again reminded the meeting of the most important people in the class – the competitors, the kids!

4. Financial Statement

The 2010 IWA accounts will again show the class as a net contributor; the draft accounts are being finalized by the Directors and will be published soon on the IWA website.

5.  Class Rules 

The proposal that the Championship Rules be added to the Class Rules as Part 3 was APPROVED.  Yes – 15; No – 14. (Chairman had a casting vote)
The meeting agreed to support the intention of the proposal – to ensure that at events directly outside the control of the class its class and championship rules were adhered to.

6.  Championships Rules

The following proposals for changes to Championship Rules were APPROVED

6.1 ‘If the date of an international championship has to be changed after the original decision, it is necessary to consider the school holiday periods of the organizing country’. Yes – 25; No – 0; Ab – 3

6.2 Division Scoring. ‘It is proposed that the class committee include in the Championship Rules guidelines for scoring divisions’. Yes – 28; No – 0

7.  Future Championships and venues

7.1  Representatives from the organisers gave information on, and answered questions about,  the following championships that are planned for 2012
Worlds – Medemblik, Netherlands.   11th-19th August.
Europeans – Eilat, Israel.  22nd-27th October.

Both events are subject to contract, but the calendar will be confirmed very soon.

7.2  The proposal that future world championships be scheduled during the last week of July was NOT APPROVED.  Yes – 5; No – 21; Ab – 2.
It was agreed that this could be a good target date for European based championships.

8.  Any other business

8.1  The proposal from Bic Sport to change the current Trim Box to Deep Tuttle Box was APPROVED.  Yes – 26; No -1; Ab – 1.

The meeting welcomed the possibility of adding a bigger fin and sail (eg the Bic 8.5 One Design) for the future development of the ‘open’ division ie sailors 17 years of age and over.
(link to supplementary paper presented by Bic Sport)

8.2 The proposal that ‘some entries to the class championships may require the approval of their national class association or ISAF Member National Authority’ was NOT APPROVED.
Yes – 5; No – 21; Ab – 1.

Bruno Marques, an ISAF International Jury, prior to the voting, reminded the meeting that this proposal was in fact “illegal” and contravened ISAF rules.- RRS 75.1.

Bruno de Wannemaeker addressed the meeting regarding proposals being considered by ISAF to change the format(s) adopted for the Youth Olympic Games. An opportunity existed to “showcase” the sport of sailing to the IOC. All formats were being considered, including – fleet racing, slalom, indoor (using fans), freestyle and long distance. Flexibility in scheduling – choosing format based on conditions – and a shorter event, were both factors to consider.

Bruno welcomed feedback that he could pass on to the Working Party established by ISAF.

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