International Techno293 Class Association AGM- Minutes

Date and time: 2nd of August 2023, 18:00 Venue: ENVSN, Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, France

Registration of voting delegates and email votes

Committee members present: Benoit Treguilly, Marc Cardon, Bruno Marques, Ali Masters

The following national class associations appointed delegates were present: BEL, CZE, EST, FRA, GBR, GRE, HUN, ITA, LAT, POL, SVK,

The meeting was quorate with a total of 15 possible votes in the room.

Previous Minutes

There were no matters arising or questions to the Previous Minutes

Chairman’s Report

Benoit Treguilly opened the report by referring to the Events conducted by the Class and thanking the organisers for their efforts. Benoit specifically mentioned the:

  • European Championships in Cagliari, Italy (270 competitors)
  • World Championships in Limassol, Cyprus (240 competitors)

He also referred to the stable financial situation of the Class and project of growing the U13 Division and introduction of the 5.0 One Design Sail.

Financial Statements

Piotr Oleksiak and Bruno Marques presented and commented on the 2022 financial statements.

There were no matters arising.

Class Committee recommendations

There were no Committee recommendations

Class Rule change submissions to World Sailing

There were no submissions


Other matters

WCR 61.1 (a)

 The International Jury presented a fact-based analysis of WCR 61.1 (a) proposing to delete the rule at future championships. The room unanimously agreed and the Class will run future international events without the requirement of informing the Race Committee about the intention to protest.

5.0 Sail

 The reports from tests of the proposed 5.0 sail were discussed. As the reports were in part negative it was agreed the Class will relaunch the project opting for a design in monofilm.

Future events were presented with introduction of the 2024 events

 2024 Asian Championship – Singapore (FEB)

2024 World Championships – Balatonföldvár, HUN (JUL) 2024 European Championships – Athens, GRE (OCT/NOV)

The Class Committee will shortly evaluate bids for the 2025 Class Events.

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