2020 Techno293 AGM- Minutes

16th December 2020, online

Registration of voting delegates and email votes

Committee members present: Marc Cardon, Bruno Marques, Janis Jekabsons and Oli Woodcock. Votes – 4

The following national class associations appointed delegates were present: FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, GRE, HUN, ISR, ITA, NED, POR, RUS, SGP, SVK, TUN, TUR. Votes – 15

The following national class associations sent email votes: AUS, ESP, POL. Votes – 3 The meeting was quorate with a total of 22 possible votes in the room.

Voting was conducted through voting forms sent to the Executive Secretary until 17th December 2020 18:00 UTC.


Marc Cardon welcomed all the delegates and observers to the AGM and thanked them for their commitment and attendance.

The Chairman continued the introduction by paying tribute to Ceri Williams and Marco Rossi. Two great windsurfing legends, who dedicated their lives to windsurfing and were instrumental in making the Techno293 class what it is today. Both Ceri and Marco were our great friends and will forever be in our memories.

Previous Minutes

http://internationalwindsurfing.com/userfiles/documents/T293_AGM_Minutes.pdf There were no matters arising

Chairman’s Report

Marc opened the report by referring to the Asian and South American Championships, the only events that the class held in 2020 due to the cancelations of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chairman thanked Ceri and Piotr for their work for the class in the difficult circumstances of the pandemic and continued on to discuss future challenges the class is committed to; the U13 division and the Techno Wind Foil 130.

Marc finished the report by referring to the election process in place and thanking those committee members, who were stepping down: Nevin Sayre, Raul Saubidet, Brett Morris and particularly Helen Bennett for offering to volunteer herself for re-election.

The chairman also thanked the candidates for making themselves available: Helen Bennett (GBR), Sara Cholnoky (HUN), Ezio Ferin (ITA), Ali Masters (GBR), Yair Suari (ISR), Benoit Treguilly (FRA) and Vladimir Dubov (RUS) who has withdrawn his candidacy.

Financial Statements

Bruno Marques presented the class financial status showcasing the difficult situation the class and other IWA classes are in due to the cancellation of many international events.

Bruno also presented the action that had been taken to improve the financial situation in 2021.


4. Class Committee Elections

The Class Executive Secretary presented the voting process and candidates. There were no questions to candidates.


There were 5 Executive Committee places available. The election results are as follows:

Helen Bennett (GBR) – 6 votes

Sara Cholnoky (HUN) – 11 votes Ezio Ferin (ITA) – 15 votes

Ali Masters (GBR) – 9 votes Yair Suari (ISR) – 12 votes

Benoit Treguilly (FRA) – 11 votes

The top 5 candidates with most votes were appointed to the Executive Committee.

5. Class Committee recommendations

The Class Committee had no recommendation. An introduction to the presented submissions was made by the Chairman.

6. Class Rule change submissions to World Sailing

All submissions have been approved and are available in detail here – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4dr8zaqfa0fa7ci/AABvuWBYizKoJTgFH_coimwga?dl=0

Proposal to change Class Rules – Updating Class Rule naming and terminology Approved: YES – 14, NO – 0

Proposal to change Class Rules – Adding the U13 category Approved: YES – 14, NO – 0

Proposal to change Class Rules – Limiting sail size for the U13 division

A friendly amendment was introduced to the submission changing the 4.8sqm sail option to a 5.0sqm sail from any manufacturer with specifications to be presented by the Technical & Executive Committees.

Approved: YES – 13, NO – 1

Proposal to change Class Rules – Removal of the Above 17 division Approved: YES – 13, NO – 1

Proposal to change Class Rules – Removal of Division Identification Approved: YES – 14, NO – 0

Proposal to change Class Rules – Define age divisions for Techno Plus Approved: YES – 13, NO – 1

7. Other Submissions

Modification of Constitution – Including the Techno Wind Foil 130 Approved: YES – 14, NO – 0

Other submission – The U13 division should race together, boys and girls Approved: YES – 14, NO – 0

8. Progress report on Techno Wind Foil 130

Benoit Treguilly from Tahe Outdoors presented the Techno Wind Foil 130 project showcasing durability, availability and cost of the equipment.

Racing is planned throughout 2021 with charter available at events. The T293 rigs will be allowed in the fleet. More information on the TWF130 – http://internationalwindsurfing.com/userfiles/documents/TWF_Jeunes_2020_2020-12- 02_ENG_LR.pdf

 9. Other matters

The event calendar was and proposals were presented.

2021 Events:

(TBC) TWF130 International Championships I 16 – 18 April, Quiberon (FRA)

Formula Foil Youth and Masters

including TWF130 International Championship II 25 – 30 June, Puck (POL)


TechnoPlus World Championships

including TWF130 International Championship III 10 – 15 August, Bodrum (TUR)


Techno293 & TechnoPlus European Championships 21 – 28 August, Tallinn (EST)


Techno293, Techno293Plus, Formula Foil Asians including TWF130 International Championship IV 12 – 16 October, Musandam (OMA)


(TBC) TWF130 International Championships V 20 – 22 October, Torbole (ITA)


Techno293 World Championships 23 – 30 October, Torbole (ITA)


Techno293, Techno293Plus, Formula Foil South Americans including TWF130 International Championship VI

7 – 11 December, Rapel Lake (CHI)

2022 Candidates

Australia, Oman, France, Gran Canaria (Spain), Cyprus and Russia

2023 Candidates


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