Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2013

MINUTES of the International Techno 293 Class Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Date – Thursday, 1st August, 2013 at 20.00hrs.
Venue – SKZ, Sopot, Poland

The meeting began with a presentation of ‘tracking’ by Simon Lovesey, of Sailracer in the UK. Simon highlighted the benefits of tracking and answered questions from the floor.
(link to presentation)
The Committee are considering the options for including Tracking in future major championships.

1.    Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes

Ezio Ferin – Chairman
Marc Cardon – Vice Chairman
Philip Bloodworth – committee
Raul Saubidet – committee
Marco Rossi – committee, email vote
Nevin Sayre – committee, proxy to Tomas Nores
Winfield Zee – committee, proxy to Kwok Po Ma
ARG – delegate
BEL – delegate
BRA – delegate
EST – delegate
FRA – delegate
GBR – delegate
GER – delegate
HKG – delegate
HUN – delegate
ISR – delegate
ITA – delegate
KOR – delegate
LAT – delegate
NED – delegate
NOR – delegate
NZL – delegate
PER – delegate
POL – delegate
RUS – delegate
SIN – delegate
THA – delegate
TUR – delegate
USA – delegate
29 votes were counted in the room, plus one email vote

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (pdf version)

There were no matters arising that were not already on the agenda under ‘Any Other Business’.

3.    Chairman’s Report

The chairman briefly reported on the highlights of the past year and moved on to thank all those
working hard for the class and therefore for the sport. He did not want us to forget why we are here – ie for the young competitors from all around the world.

4.    Financial Statement 

The IWA (Company) Accounts for 2012 will be published on the IWA website in October, after formal approval at a meeting of IWA Directors (the IWA Executive Committee). Detailed Management Accounts are also published annually and the 2012 draft is here .  The IWA is in a safe financial position, with an adequate reserve fund, which will allow classes to budget for development projects in 2014. The Techno Class has continued to use its surplus income to fund and expand the Media Plan, in co-operation with Bic Sport and SVK1 Media.

5. Class Rules 

No proposals to amend Class Rules were submitted.

6. Championships Rules

6.1  The proposal that: ‘Championship Rules be amended with regard to “Group Racing” in accordance with the event Sailing Instructions’ was Approved.  Yes 30.

6.2  The proposal to: ‘Allow the committee to amend Championship Rules in line with AGM decisions and discussion under Any Other Business’ was Approved.  Yes 30.
It was agreed that the committee introduce new championship rules concerning:
– Group Racing in more than two groups to accommodate increasing entries in some divisions;
– review target times keeping in mind shorter target times for smaller fleets; longer target times for larger fleets;
– option for 3 races back to back in certain, clearly defined, conditions;
– provision of one general coach (support) boat per fleet.

7. Future Championships and venues

7.1 The 2014 Continental  Championships calendar was confirmed as:
– Asian Championships, Singapore, 22-26 January (YOG Qualifier);
– Oceanic Championships, Auckland, New Zealand, 14-16 February (YOG Qualifier);
– North American Championships, Cancun, Mexico, 20-23 February (YOG Qualifier);
– South American Championhips, Mendoza, Argentina, 25-29 March (YOG Qualifier);
– European Championships, Torbole, Garda Lake, Italy, 20-27 April (YOG Qualifier).
– 2014 Youth Olympic Games Qualification System 
– 2014 African Championship – to be confirmed.

7.2 The 2014 World Championships will be hosted in Brest, Brittany, France from 19-26 July. Nayl Driss from the host club organizing committee answered questions, details will be published soon, and an early Notice of Race will be published.

7.3 It was suggested that details about options available for forthcoming world championships ( ie 2015/2016 and onwards) be published on the class website.

7.4 It was agreed that consecutive events on the same venue for RSX/T293 could be a good option.

8. Any other business

8.1 Bic Sport representative, Benoit Treguilly, gave a report on product development.

8.2 Benoit presented a graphic illustration of the new sail colourways to be available from 2014. All sails would include coloured panels: 5.8  & 7.8 in orange; 6.8 & 8.5 in white.

8.3 Benoit informed the meeting that a Nautix product was available, via a worldwide distribution network, to repair the non-slip on the top deck of the hull. The meeting was not satisfied that enough testing had been done on possible improvements at production stage to effect a reasonable, lasting, non slip.
Bruce Kendall volunteered his considerable experience in helping to solve the issue.

8.4 Concern was raised again about the quality of the softer slot flusher ‘lips’ and the problems that regularly occur around the spot fixing of the white mounts for the flushers.

8.5 The Polish coach was concerned about the lack of price conformity within some European countries.
In his experience the prices in Poland were too high and he was forced to purchase spares in Denmark.

Meeting Closed at 22.30hrs

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