Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2008

Minutes of Techno 293 Class Annual General Meeting

held on Wednesday, 13th August 2008

in SKZ Club, Sopot, Poland.


  1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes.
Ezio Ferin – Chairman
Marc Cardon – Vice Chairman
Helen Cartwright – committee
Ceri Williams – committee
Marco Rossi – committee, e-mail vote
Deborah Powell – committee, e-mail vote
Didier Flamme – committee, proxy to Marc Cardon
Robbert-Jan van Velzen – BEL
Asiere Fernandez – ESP
Marc Cardon – FRA
Michael Gotzke – GER
Richard Sills – GBR
Nette Levin – ISR
Filippo Maretti – ITA
Janis Jekabsons – LAT
Jan Willhelm – NED
Paul Rogers – NZL
Piotr Hlavaty – POL
Inga Zaytseva – RUS
Farrah Hall – USA  
Total number of votes – 20.


  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.

The minutes were taken as read; there were no matters arising.


  1. Chairman’s Report.

Ezio Ferin took the opportunity to emphasise the “philosophy” of the class – to develop young, junior, windsurfers and to see the class expand worldwide. Whilst welcoming the opportunity afforded by the selection of Techno293 as equipment for the Youth Olympics in 2010, the priority must be to build a broad base for the sport. We are first and foremost a “starter” class, not an “Olympic” class.


  1. Financial Statement.

Ceri Williams, IWA Executive Secretary, presented a summary of 2007 class activity.  Whilst these show a deficit, a surplus is budgeted for 2008; and income from 2008 class fees and events is either on or above target.

2007 IWA Annual Report/Accounts is published on the IWA website.


  1. Class Rules – 2009 onwards.
a)- Adopt 2009 “One Design” Class Rules 


– approved.

Voting: 18 Yes; 1 No; 1 Abstain. 

b)- Authorise the Class Committee to finalise 2009 Class Rules – approved.

Voting: 20 Yes.

c)- Apply 2009 Class Rules to 2009 Worlds and Continentals – approved.

Voting: 19 Yes; 1 No.

d)- Apply one design principles at World Championship level –  withdrawn.
e)- The class be renamed Bic Techno One Design Class – not approved.

Voting: 2 Yes; 18 No.

f)- Cease the Approved Rig List and remove from class website – not approved.

Voting: 3 Yes; 16 No; 1 Abstain. 

However. it was agreed that 2009 Rules must be published in prominent position; and the 2006 Rules “archived”.  
g)- Keep the ‘change down sail’ rule – approved.     

Voting: 19 Yes; 1 Abstain.

h)- Add the 5.8 OD sail/rig to the 2009 class rules


– approved.

Voting: 18 Yes; 1 No; 1 Abstain.

The target date for introducing the sail/rig would be Jan 2009  with sufficient distribution to meet the requirements of sailors entering the 2009 Worlds.  It was thought the rig would include a 430 mast and shorter boom, with target price for sail/rig of 650 euro.  
i)-  Delete the ‘free choice’ option for the 6.8 change down for 2010


– not approved.

Voting: 3 Yes; 16 No; 1 Abstain.

j)-  To be fully One Design for 2011, ie applied to all class events – withdrawn.


k)- To adopt the 460 OD mast for both 6.8 and 7.8 OD rigs – approved.

 Voting: 18 Yes; 2 Abstain. 

Peter Durham commented that this was not an issue of improving performance but ease of use.  


  1. Future Championships and venues.

a)- 2010 World Championships – to receive presentations from potential organizers.

Prior to the presentation of bids for 2010, Helen Cartwright gave a report on the 2009 Worlds venue.  HC emphasized the need to plan early, especially regarding accommodation at peak season.


There followed presentations from: FRA; GER; ITA; LAT; NZL and USA. No voting was undertaken, or decision made, due to complexities surrounding Youth Olympic Qualification Events. However the opinions of delegates were canvassed after the meeting and the committee expect to make a decision before the end of 2008. Further information was requested from all prospective organisers. National Associations wishing to review the presentations were invited to contact the Executive Secretary

Note: bids from BRA and BEL were not presented; it was noted that BEL had the expertise to organise a class championship; and the BRA candidature for 2010 Continental Championship, and YO qualifier, would be pursued.


b)- 2010 Youth Olympics.

To receive a report on the Singapore Games and on the proposed Qualification System. (Final proposal being prepared by ISAF – to be published by 30th Sept.)


c)- 2009/2010 Continental Championships.

Ceri Williams confirmed that the 2009 Europeans would take place in France over Easter, most likely hosted by the Lacaneau club; the 2010 Europeans was confirmed for Cadiz at New Year, and contracted to Andalucian Sailing Federation.  It was likely that a 2009 North American Championship would be hosted by SFYC in July; and negotiations were ongoing to confirm a South American, Oceanic and Asian Championships in both 2009 and 2010.

d)- The Committee be authorized to finalise the 2009-2011 championship calendar    – approved. 

Voting: 20 Yes.  

  1. Elections.
a)- The class committee be increased in size to 9 voting members


– approved.

Voting: 20 Yes.

b.i) The class committee includes representatives from continents outside Europe – see b.ii)  
b.ii) To have on the class committee a representative of each continent in the world where the class is established – approved.

Voting: 15 Yes ; 3 No ; 1 Abstain.

b.iii) At the next elections one representative from each continent shall stand down, but may offer themselves for re-election – not approved.

Voting: 8 Yes ; 4 No; 7 Abstain.

c)- The class committee be restructured as proposed by RYA – withdrawn.
d)- Alternative geographical areas be adopted for representation – not approved.

Voting: 1 Yes; 18 No.

e)- The eight candidates nominated for the new committee were elected

Ezio Ferin  Marc Cardon  Didier Flamme  Deborah Powell

Marco Rossi  Helen Cartwright  Nevin Sayre  Paul Rogers

– Voting: 19 Yes.
f)- The committee be authorized to co-opt, as non voting members, any expert or person useful for the development of the class – approved.

Voting: 18 Yes; 2 No.

  1.  Any other business
a)- That Bic Sport find an alternative fitting for the back end of the OD  boom – approved.

Voting: 19 Yes;.

b)- The class committee create a technical working group to liaise with Bic Sport regarding possible improvements to the one design equipment – approved.  

Voting: 19 Yes.                                

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