Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2009

Minutes of the TECHNO 293 CLASS Annual General Meeting

held on Wednesday, 26th August, 2009 at WPNSA, Portland, Weymouth, UK.

  1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes.

The Class Chairman, Ezio Ferin, welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.

The following votes were recorded:

Ezio Ferin – committee Chairman

Marc Cardon – committee Vice Chairman

Marco Rossi – committee

Nevin Sayre – committee

Helen Cartwright – committee

Didier Flamme – committee, proxy to Marc Cardon

Deborah Powell – committee, proxy to Ezio Ferin

Pieter Schutijser – BEL

Marc Cardon – FRA

Richard Sills – GBR

Rene Appel – HKG

Ronnie Meir – ISR

Marco Rossi – ITA

Janis Jekabsons – LAT

Robbert-Jan van Velzen – NED

Piotr Hlavaty – POL

Peter Bertilsson – SWE

Jochem Brenninkmeijer – TUR

Nevin Sayre – USA

It was recorded that 18 votes were in the room from the start of the meeting; which increased to 19 votes from # 5.d).

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the 2008 AGM.

It was further clarified, at request of GBR delegate, that no date had been set for the removal of free choice option for the under 15 change-down sail.( Note – this may require an amendment to 2010 Class Rules)

  1. Chairman’s Report.

The Chairman re-iterated the philosophy of the class – “to develop young, junior, windsurfers and to see the class expand worldwide”. Clearly the policy of the class was working – with a record entry of 261 competitors, representing 24 countries and 4 continents. 10 countries were represented at these championships for the first time.

  1. Financial Statement.
  2. a)The2008 IWA Accounts show an improvement on the previous year with a small surplus recorded.  Income and Expenditure by class show Techno 293 as net contributor to IWA finances.
  3. b)The 2009 budget makes provision for an increased surplus at year end, and the IWA Treasurer provided a summary of Income and Expenditure for period 1st January to 31st July 2009 which projected a surplus of 8,097 euro.


  1. Class Rules.
  2. a)It is proposed that the 2009 “One Design” Class Rules be approved – 
  3. b)It is proposed that the “One Design” Class Rules be amended as agreed by the AGM – 
  4. c)It is proposed that an under 13 division and an “open” division be added to class rule C.3.2.a. – 
  5. d)It is proposed that the OD 430 mast and 5.8 boom may also be used with the 6.8 sail; this amends C.8.1. – 
  6. e)It is proposed that the mast and boom to be used with both the 6.8 and 7.8 sail be registered before the start of racing at any event – 
  7. f)It is proposed that C.8.2.(g), safety line . . , is deleted – 
  8. g)It is proposed that the under 13 division be limited to the 5.8 OD and any sail of 5.0 sq,m or less; this amends C.9.1.(b). – 
  9. h)It is proposed that the open division race with the same equipment rules as the under 17 division; this amends C.9.1.(b). – 
  10. i)It is proposed that positioning of sail identification, C.9.2.(a), be amended – see Appendix A – 
  11. j)It is proposed that division identification, C.9.2.(b), be amended – see Appendix A – NOT APPROVED. (Note: it was agreed that the committee finalise a solution put forward by the class chairman)
  12. k)It is proposed that E.2.(a) be deleted – 
  13. l)It is proposed that F.2. be deleted – 
  14. m)It is proposed that the Committee be delegated to finalise 2010 Class Rules – 

  1. Future Championships and venues.
  2. a)2010 World Championships. Marc Cardon gave a report on Martigues, France. The dates are confirmed for July 24th to July 31st.
  3. b)2010 European Championships. Ceri Williams gave a report on Cadiz, Spain. The dates are confirmed as December 27th 2009 to January 3rd   The Notice of Race will be published in early September.
  4. c)Continental Championships.  Ceri Williams gave a report on all future events outside of Europe; 2010 would see for the first time a continental championship in all 6 ISAF recognized continents. The championships listed in appendix B would also be qualification events for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.
  5. d)2010 Youth Olympics. Ceri Williams gave a report on the Singapore  The discipline is Racing, but it was the intention of ISAF to widen the formats to include: course racing, slalom and marathon.
  6. e)To approve a proposal from USA to host the 2011 World Championships –
  7. f)To approve a proposal from Belgium to host the 2011 European Championships –  (Note: date and venue to be finalized by the Committee; the intention to leave as long a gap as possible between the Worlds and Europeans.)                                    

  1. Championship Rules.
  2. a)It is proposed to accept the revised Championship Rules – NOT APPROVED.
  3. b)It is proposed that the committee finalise a further revision based on amendments approved by the AGM – NOT APPROVED. (Note: it was the wish of the meeting that the current Championship Rules

be updated)

  1. c)It is proposed that minimum requirements be introduced for class titles at continental level –

  1.  Any other business.
  2. a)It is proposed that Bic Sport supply the 490 mast as standard with the 7.8 rig package – NOT APPROVED.



Notes on Class Rule proposals

  1. a)The 2008 AGM agreed that the final drafting of the class Rules be left to the committee after consultation with ISAF technical staff. Those Class Rules are now before this meeting for formal approval.
  2. b)This proposal is to ensure that the one design rules approved in a) can be amended according to the following decisions.
  3. c)In many countries the class is the foundation for junior programmes for sailors aged 9>12 years, with a range of sail sizes from 3.5.  Similarly many countries are adopting Techno for youth and student programmes.
  4. d)This has obvious cost advantages for sailors as they progress.
  5. e)Competitors cannot opt to switch between masts, of different length, during a regatta.
  6. f)This does not come as a feature of the board from the factory and is an impractical requirement for competitor to fit.
  7. g)To give clear guidance to MNA’s and NCA’s
  8. h)To give clear guidance to MNA’s and NCA’s
  9. i)This is a practical solution to a real problem with the existing rule:

“positioned in a panel above the space reserved for event advertising, and below the class logo, but as close to the leech as possible”.

  1. j)This is a practical solution to a real problem with the existing rule:

“At events where the organising authority specifies the use of identification of division, the identification shall be displayed on the sail above, or adjacent to,  the class insignia. The minimum length of each side shall be 150mm .height shall be 230 mm.”.

  1. k)Serial numbers have never been applied by Bic Sport.
  2. l)As above.
  3. m)The ISAF Class Rules Sub Committee may still recommend some “re-phrasing” to ensure clarity and compliance with ERS and Regulations.

Note:  Bic Sport cannot offer the option of 460 or 490 mast with the 7.8 rig package. As per the decision under “any other business” – the 460 mast will continue to be supplied with both the 6.8 and 7.8 rig packages.


Championship Calendar

2009 African Championships – Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. 19th – 23rd December 2009 (date tbc)

2010 European Championships – Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain. 27th December 09 – 3rd Jan 2010.

2010 Oceanic Championships – Largs, Australia.  6th -10th January.

2010 Asian Championships – Pattaya, Thailand. 15th – 23rd January.

2010 South American Championships – Sao Paulo, Brazil. 25th -31st  January.

2010 North American Championships –  tbc.

2010 World Championships – Martigues, France. 24th July – 31st July.

2010 African Championships – tbc.

2011 World Championships – San Francisco, USA. 19th – 24th July (date/venue tbc by contract)

2011 European Championships – Belgium, late August. (date/venue tbc by contract)

Votes Recorded 

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