Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2014
MINUTES – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Techno 293 Class Association
Date – Thursday, 24th July, 2014 at 20.00hrs
Venue – Les Crocodiles de L’Elorn, Brest, Brittany, France.
1.  Welcome and registration of voting delegates, proxies and email votes

 Ezio Ferin – Chairman
Marc Cardon – Vice Chairman
Raul Saubidet – committee member
Marco Rossi – committee member, email vote
Philip Bloodworth – committee member, email vote
Nevin Sayre – committee member, proxy to Tomas Nores
Helen Nicolls – committee member, proxy to Ali Masters

Countries represented by delegates:
ARG, BEL, BRA, EST, FRA (proxy to Marc Cardon), GBR, GER, GRE, HKG, HUN, IND (proxy to Ceri Williams), ISR, ITA, JPN, LAT, MEX, NED, NOR, PER, POL, RUS, SIN, TUN, TUR, USA.

32 votes were recorded.

In attendance:
Michel Quistinic – Bic Sport Representative
Ceri Williams – Class Secretary

The meeting began with a welcome to delegates and observers from Michel Quistinic. On behalf of Bic Sport he congratulated the class on its record event entry and on its development since the class was formed. He confirmed that Bic Sport had addressed the equipment issues raised at last year’s AGM, specifically with regard to the anti-slip and the centreboard lips.

2.  Minutes of the previous meeting

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.


3.  Chairman’s Report

Ezio Ferin commented on the continued growth, and success, of the class around the world. He thanked all those who were working tirelessly to make the class a success. Once again he reiterated the ethic of the class, the Techno Spirit – fun for the kids.  This year he was attending the championship as a coach of his club, and it was good to observe, and be part of the event, from this perspective.



4.  Financial Statement

Ceri Williams reported that the T293 Class made a surplus from its activities in 2013, and the class committee had agreed a budget for 2014 that included investing the surplus into media and development projects. This followed a similar pattern to previous years, but since the IWA commitment to ensuring a stable reserve fund had been met, it was now possible to expand those projects. Detailed management accounts (of class income & expenditure) for 2013 would be published in October when the IWA submitted its Annual Report/Accounts (a legal requirement) to Companies House in the UK.
It was agreed that next year’s AGM should be presented with a financial summary of the year’s activity to date and a draft budget be presented for the following year.
IWA Finance- Annual Report & Management Accounts



5.  Class Rules 

No proposals to amend Class Rules were submitted.
It was agreed that the use of bibs, as demonstrated at this championship, was a very good option for sailor identification.



6.  Championships Rules

No proposals to amend Championship Rules were submitted.

6.1 T293 Plus.
There followed a discussion about the development of Techno 293 Plus which was generally met with the approval of the delegates and observers. It offered an opportunity for many junior and youth sailors, who may otherwise be lost to the sport, to stay active in competitive windsurfing. It offered an opportunity for greater variety of disciplines – a “one design funboard”.

6.2 Redress- Class Policy
International Jury members present at the meeting led a discussion about redress and the complexities involved in awarding redress given current ISAF Policy, class race formats, etc. It was generally agreed that the class should have a policy, which could be added to future Championship rules, to ensure continuity at events and which could be published on the ONB.
The class committee would define this policy after further discussion with a jury panel, publish it on the class website and bring it to next AGM for formal approval.

6.3 Division Scoring
It was the opinion of the delegates that a division starting together with another division would be scored as follows:
less than 9 competitors – within another division in an overall ranking;
10 or more competitors – scored separately, in their own ranking.
It was also agreed that it was the Class Representative’s decision if a division should race together with another division if the competitors in that division numbered 19 or less.



7.  Future Championships and venues

7.1 2015 World Championships.
Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, ARG, 24th >31st October 2015.
Ignacio Nores, representing the organiser, and Raul Saubidet presented the benefits of the host venue and organiser, which included some innovative proposals including spectator boats. Negotiations were in progress to finalise the quantity of charter equipment that would be available. BA was a major hub for international travel and should present no problems for teams travelling with equipment. Transfers would be arranged by the organiser from airport to the venue.

7.2 2015 European Championships.
Two very good bids were presented to the delegates:
NAOVV (Nautical Athlete Club of Vari-Varkiza), Varkiza, nr Athens, Greece, 6th >12th April;
Windsurfing Club Rietumkrasts, Monument Beach, Liepaja, Latvia, 25th July > 1st August.
The AGM favoured Latvia because of the scheduled dates. It was agreed that the bid representatives would meet with the committee members present in Brest to enable them to further evaluate the two options. A final decision would be made by the full committee by the end of August.

7.3 2016 World Championships.
Circolo Surf Torbole presented a bid to host the event towards the end of October 2016. The delegates unanimously accepted this option and it was decided the committee should
work to finalise the contract as soon as possible.


8.  Any other business

8.1 Youth Olympic Games 2014.
Patrik Pollak reported on the work he had done and would be doing to maximize the media impact of the games for the benefit of the class and the sailors competing in Nanjing. There would however be reporting/media restrictions imposed upon those attending the Games but he would be doing his best to enhance the experience for all interested parties.

8.2 Youth Olympic Games 2018.
The games are scheduled for Buenos Aries, Argentina, in august 2018. Although the events and equipment have yet to be decided it was very much hoped that an early decision would be made and that the T293 remained the choice for a boys and girls windsurfing event. The venue choice made the selection of BA for the 2015 Worlds a great promotional opportunity for the class and for the further development of the class within South America.

8.3 Live Tracking.
Simon Lovesey reported on “live tracking” delivered by SailRacer at this event. It was he first experience for the class and many lessons had been learned. Overall the experience had been well received with favourable comments received from those present at the venue but also those following the racing from a distance.

9.  Elections

The following were re-elected to the committee:
Ezio Ferin  ITA
Marc Cardon  FRA
Helen Nicholls  GBR
Marco Rossi  ITA
Philip Bloodworth GBR
Nevin Sayre  USA (North American representative)
Winfield Zee HKG (Asian representative)
Grant Beck NZL (Oceanic representative)
Raul Saubidet ARG (South American representative)

NOTE – The committee have since agreed for Ezio Ferin to continue as Chairman, and Marc Cardon to continue as vice-chairman.

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