Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2012

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Techno 293 Class Association

Date – Thursday, 16th August, 2012
Venue – International Sailing Centre, Medemblik, Netherlands

1.  Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes

Ezio Ferin – committee Chairman
Marc Cardon – committee Vice Chairman
Winfield Zee – committee
Marco Rossi – committee
Gustavo Almenara – committee
Didier Flamme – committee, proxy to Marc Cardon
Nevin Sayre – committee, proxy to Tomas Nores
Grant Beck – committee, proxy to Greg Bowater
Helen Nicholls – committee, email vote
ARG – delegate
BEL – delegate
BRA – delegate
ESP – delegate
FRA – delegate
GBR – delegate
GER – delegate
HKG – delegate
ISR – delegate
ITA – delegate
NED – delegate
NOR – delegate
NZL – delegate
POL – delegate
RUS – delegate
USA – delegate
25 votes were counted in the room.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising 

There were no matters arising

3.    Chairman’s Report

Ezio Ferin said that the entry at this world championships illustrated the strength of the class – 337 competitors (230 boys and 107 girls) from 26 countries representing all 6 continents. It was particularly encouraging to see the girls fleet, and open division, growing. He welcomed sailors from Tunisia to their first championship. We should not relax, but continue to encourage the expansion of the class into more countries.

4.    Financial Statement

Ceri Williams briefed the meeting on the IWA responsibilities and the forthcoming Annual Report which is made to Companies House every year. A summary of Management Accounts was distributed to the meeting which showed  a small surplus for the year. Both the Annual Report and the full Management Accounts  would be published on the IWA website during October.

5. Class Rules 

No proposals to amend Class Rules were received.
However, updates to Class Rules are proposed to the ISAF Technical Department, based upon previous AGM decisions – 460/490 mast for 7.8 rig; and use of 5.8 rig with 6.8 sail.

6. Championships Rules

6.1 Championship Rules to include slalom as a format option.
Approved: 18 yes,7 no.

6.2 Target time for a slalom race of 3>5 minutes.
Approved: 25 yes.

6.3 Target time for a course race reduced to 20 minutes.
Not Approved: 25 no.

6.4 Championship Rules to include long distance (marathon) as a format option.
Approved: 19 yes, 5 no.

6.5 Allow the committee to amend Championship Rules in line with AGM decisions and discussion under Any Other Business.
Approved: 24 yes.
Note – it was agreed that many factors had to be considered when including different formats into championships, and the Committee would need to draw up clear and effective Guidelines.

7. Future Championships and venues

7.1 Piotr Oleksiak,from SKZ, answered questions about the 2013 World Championships contracted to his club in Sopot, Poland, and scheduled for 20th to 27th July 2013.

7.2 Ceri Williams outlined the strategy for drawing up the proposed Continental Championships schedule for 2013 and 2014. link

7.3 It was proposed that the Committee finalise the 2014 world championship in a European location;  and  that the 2015 World Championships be outside of Europe in South America or Asia. Bids for 2015 would be presented to the 2013 AGM  allowing the membership to select the venue.

8. Any other business

8.1 Future World and European Championships may become Techno 293 only events.
Approved: 18 yes, 5 no.

8.2 Future World and European Championships include a division for T293+.
Approved: 21 yes, 2 no.

8.3 T293+ be developed into a new ISAF Class.    T293+ information
Approved: 20 yes, 1 no.

8.4 A submission to ISAF Conference, on behalf of the T293 Class, to add T293+ to the list of equipment for Windsurfer Boy /Girl events in the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships.
Approved: 17 yes, 1 no.

8.5 It was proposed that BIC OD sails be produced in different colors depending on their size.
Approved: 24 yes.
However it was understood Bic Sport representative, Benoit Treguilly, that there would be a limitation based upon cost effectiveness of production runs.

8.6 It was proposed that Bic Sport look for an improved non-slip finish for the boards. Approved: 23 yes.

8.7 It was proposed that Bic Sport look to improve some components, especially camber battens, mastfoot, masts, and centerboard’s rubber lips.
Approved: 23 yes.
Note. Changes to Builders Specification require ISAF approval.

8.8 Youth Olympic Games 2014.
Ceri Williams confirmed that Techno 293 had been selected as equipment for these games; and that it would be the same age groups as in 2010 (15/16 year olds born 1998/1999) on 7.8 sails/rigs, all equipment supplied by Bic Sport. The detailed Qualification System would be published by ISAF after the November Conference.

9. Elections

The following were unanimously elected to the management committee:
Ezio Ferin  ITA
Marc Cardon  FRA
Helen (Cartwight) Nicholls  GBR
Marco Rossi  ITA
Philip Bloodworth GBR
Nevin Sayre  USA (North American representative)
Winfield Zee  HKG (Asian representative)
Grant Beck NZL (Oceanic representative)
Raul Saubidet ARG (South American representative)

Note – there were 9 places on the committee, and 9 candidates. The incoming committee will elect its Chairman and Vice Chairman.

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