Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2015


of the
International Techno 293 Class Association
Date:  Thursday 29th October 2015 at 20.15 hrs
Venue:  Windsurfing Club Cagliari.


1.  Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes

Ezio Ferin – Chairman
Marc Cardon- committee member email vote
Marco Rossi – committee member email vote
Philip Bloodworth- committee member email vote
Nevin Sayre – committee member email vote
Helen Nicolls – committee member email vote
Winfield Zee – committee member email vote

Countries represented by delegates (or email votes):
ARU, BEL, BRA, FRA (email), GBR, HKG, HUN, ISR, ITA, LAT, NED, NOR (email), POL (email) RUS, SIN, TUN, TUR.

24 votes were recorded.

In attendance:
Michel Quistinic- Bic Sport Representative
Ceri Williams – Class Secretary

2.  Minutes of the previous meeting – no matters arising

3.  Chairman’s Report

Ezio Ferin gave a short report on the year passed and a passionate reminder of why the class is so important to the sport.

4.  Financial Statement

Ceri Williams gave a brief summary of the 2014 IWA Accounts and the contribution made by the T293 Class. Although IWA recorded a loss of 8k euro in 2014, it was expected to recoup this figure in 2015, and reserves remain at the targeted level.

IWA Management Accounts will be published soon and can be viewed on the IWA website.

5.  Class Rules

No proposals to amend Class Rules received.

6. Championship Rules

6.1 Proposed to adopt a simplified and modified set of Championship Rules.  NOT APPROVED – 24 NO

6.2 Proposed to adopt the revised Championship Rules as modified by voting on the following proposals.  APPROVED – 24 YES

6.3 Proposed to simplify CR 3.3.  NOT APPROVED – 22 NO; 2 YES

6.4 Proposed to delete CR.3.3  APPROVED – 22 YES; 2 NO

6.5 Proposed to reduce the interval between back to back races – CR.3.4.1  APPROVED 24 YES

6.6 Proposed to allow the possibility of 3 races back to back – CR.3.4.2. 24 YES

6.7 Proposed to move CR.3.2.f to CR.3.3.  APPROVED 24 YES

6.8 Proposed to add new rule – CR.1.4. Minimum and Maximum wind speeds, to be amended as decided by the AGM.  NOT APPROVED – 22 NO; 2 YES

7. Future Championships and venues

7.1 The 2016 European and World Championships scheduled for Sopot, Poland, and Torbole, Italy, respectively were confirmed. The Sopot event will be spread over 2 weeks with the T293 Plus European Championships before the T293 European Championships.

7.2  Bids for World & Continental Championships in 2017 (or later) include: Liepaja (LAT), Varkiza (GRE), Salou (ESP), Lorient (FRA), Cesme (TUR). It was agreed that the Committee approve the most suitable venue for 2017 events. It was hoped that the 2018 events could be selected by a vote of members at the next AGM; meantime feedback upon the options for 2017 would be welcomed – deadline November 30th 2015.

8. Techno 293 Plus

8.1 It was agreed to support an application to ISAF in November 2016 to become an ISAF Class.  APPROVED – 23 YES; 1 NO

8.2 It was agreed to adopt theClass Rules.  APPROVED – 23 YES; 1 NO

8.3 It was agreed to adopt the Championship Rules.   APPROVED – 23 YES; 1 NO.

9. Any other business

Ceri Williams gave a report on the Youth Olympic Games 2018; and it was anticipated that greater detail would be made available at the forthcoming ISAF Conference in Sanya, China. It was already published that windsurfing would have an increased allocation of competitor places and the age group would be under 19 (a 4 year span of 15 to 18 year olds). T293 Plus was the option being considered.

Patrik Pollak took time out from editing the daily video to outline current and future media plans including live streaming /tracking; and received warm applause from the delegates and observers.

New colours were being considered for the 8.5 and 6.8 OD sails. Michel Quistinic unveiled sample sails in the Cyan and 388 options. This was undoubtedly a popular proposal from amongst the delegates assembled and from sailors at the next days Leaders Jersey Ceremony.

Meeting ended 23:00 hrs

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