Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the TECHNO 293 CLASS

held on Tuesday, 4th September 2007, in Formentera, Spain.

  1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates.

Ezio Ferin – committee

Marc Cardon – committee

Ceri Williams – committee

Helen Cartwright – committee

Didier Flamme – committee, proxy to Marc Cardon

Deborah Powell – committee, e-mail vote

Marco Rossi – committee, e-mail vote

Plus 14 national association delegates:


ESP – vote by e-mail.

It was established that the meeting was quorate – 21 votes.

A “simple majority” of 11 votes in favour was required to approve proposals.

  1.  Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.

The minutes were approved; there were no matters arising.

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Ezio Ferin apologised for his difficulty in participating, fully, during 2007. However, it was clear that the class had developed rapidly during the current year and this enabled him to be “objective” in his analysis of current trends within the class.

  1. Financial Statement.

    The 2006 income / expenditure account was presented to the meeting.  It was recognised that during 2006 class activity was supported by the IWA.

  2. Future championships and venues.

    On a proposal from the floor it was agreed to move this item forward.


Ezio Ferin (ITA) and Bruno de Wannemaeker (BEL) spoke on behalf of the respective bids for the 2008 Europeans. It was agreed to go to Civitavecchia, Italy, from 20th to 24th March – 11 votes in favour.  Belgium received 8 votes in favour.

WORLDS 2009.

Helen Cartwright delivered a presentation on behalf of the RYA bid to host the championship. The venue would be the 2012 Olympic Regatta site, during the summer holidays, and would preceed the RSX Worlds. The event would follow the established structure and include Raceboard Youth and Masters World Championships.

Marc Cardon spoke on behalf of the bid from La Tranche, north of La Rochelle, also to host the event during summer holidays; but it was planned to combine with FW/FE junior youth and masters to create a “mega festival of windsurfing”.

New Zealand questioned the “euro-centric” policy of the class and offered to host the event in 2009, or some time in the near future.

It was agreed that Weymouth (UK) host the 2009 Worlds from 22-29th August – 16 votes in favour.

It was agreed to postpone the decision on the 2010 venue until next year’s AGM, as the bid for La Tranche failed to secure a simple majority (for – 6; against – 7; abstain – 8)


  1. Class Rule change submissions to ISAF (2008 onwards)

It was agreed to bring proposal d) forward as this would have a bearing upon the rest of the proposals before the meeting. Helen Cartwright confirmed that the proposal was for a one design rig and implied that the class would become “One-Design” after the 2008 Worlds. After lengthy debate, the proposal approved – by simple majority of 13 in favour –  was that: “the class works with manufacturers to explore producing a one design sail for the Techno 293 Class with a view to implementing at World Championship level in 2008; and a manufacturer to provide charter sails at the 2008 World Championships.”

It was agreed to form a Working Party – comprising committee members, Chris Masters (UK), Kiko Ros (ESP), and Paul Rogers (NZL) – to prepare a strategy and make a final recommendation for the committee to action. The Working Party should consult as widely as possible within the time frame necessary to ensure the objective is achieved.

It was agreed that no changes would be made to the existing approved rig list until after the 2008 Europeans. Class Rule changes would be submitted to the 2008 AGM.


  1. Any other business

  2. a)The proposal to develop an international calendar was approved unanimously (21 votes in favour).  The IWA office would be tasked to co-ordinate the project and publish dates as soon as possible.
  3. b)It was agreed unanimously (21 votes in favour) that the work and responsibilities of the committee required regular meetings, and that conference calls (eg via Skype) should be the preferred method of conducting business.

Meeting closed at 23.00 hrs.

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