Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2010

Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the
International Techno 293 Class Association
held on Thursday, 29th July 2010 at the Cercle de Voile de Martigues, France.

1.  Welcome, and registration of voting delegates and email votes.

The Class Chairman, Ezio Ferin, welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting.
The following votes were recorded:
Ezio Ferin – committee Chairman
Marc Cardon – committee Vice Chairman ( voting paper)
Didier Flamme – committee
Marco Rossi – committee
Helen Cartwright – committee
Nevin Sayre – committee, proxy vote to Britt Viehman
Gustavo Almenara – ARG
Patrik de Bruyn – BEL
Frank Bender – GER
Mauro Covre – ITA
Nathalie Peberel – FRA
Richard Sills – GBR
Ronnie Meir – ISR
Robbert-Jan van Velzen – NED
Winfield Zee – HKG
Piotr Hlavaty – POL
Britt Viehman – USA
The meeting was declared “quorate? with 17 votes in the room.
Benoit Treguilly attended the meeting to represent BicSport.

2.  Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

3.  Chairman’s Report.

Ezio Ferin presented a summary of a successful year which had included more events and increased participation. Many more nations were now participating in the class, and no doubt the class received a boost from the T293 OD being selected as equipment for the Youth Olympic Games.
Ezio commented –”this year’s worlds, here in Martigues, is the biggest windsurfing championship in recent memory, with over 100 more junior racers than last year’s record set in Weymouth. But, the most satisfying thing about being chairman is to see so many kids enjoying the sport”.

4.  Financial Statement.

The 2009 IWA Accounts show the class to be a net contributor, with an increase in income over the previous year from both events and memberships.
A Projection for 2010 shows that the class has maintained its growth; the income from this years worlds would exceed expectation; and membership has increased by 20%.

5.  Class Rules.

The proposal to allow sailors in the Under 13 division to use a smaller fin was approved.
See voting slip summary.

6.  Class Championship Rules

The following proposals to change Championship Rules were approved:
# 3.2. a) delete- 60 minutes; add- “45 minutes”.
# 3.2. b) delete- 20 minutes; add- “15 minutes”.
# 3.2. e) delete- the existing rule; add- “The target elapsed time for the winner of a course race shall be 30 minutes”.
# 3.4.1.a) delete- 25 mins; add- “20 mins?.
# 3.4.1.b) delete- 20 mins; add- “10 mins?.
See voting slip summary.

7.  Future Championships and venues.

7.1 The 2011 World Championships was confirmed for St Francis YC, San Francisco, USA; the dates as the 17th-24th July. Britt Viehman gave a summary of plans to date and answered
questions from the floor. The event site would be established at neighbouring “Crissy Field”, with secure storage and container area; a wide range of accommodation options would be available; and a support committee had been established. Coach boat charter would be available – and enquiries could be made now with the host club.
Benoit Treguilly announced that BicSport would be supplying 150 boards, sails and rigs, for charter at the event.

7.2 The dates for the 2011 Europeans could not be confirmed. Belgium remained an option, and two good offers had come forward from Costa Brava, Spain, and Sardinia, Italy. The committee were asked to finalize a contract as soon as possible.

7.3 Ceri Williams announced that interest had been received from Europe, South America and Asia to host the next world championship. A poll of the meeting was inconclusive regarding the next continent to host the 2012 event; however it was agreed that the best available option should be chosen, and the programme should be made with 2 or 3 years notice.

8.  Any other business

8.1 The future development of the under 13 division was discussed. It was agreed that the technical sub-committee should evaluate, in co-operation with BicSport, the fin options in light of the proposal approved in #5.

8.2 The class policy towards sailors 17 years and over was discussed. It was agreed that the technical sub-committee should evaluate, in co-operation with BicSport, the option of a bigger fin and bigger sail (8.5) for this division.

8.3 The class committee were asked to evaluate several suggestions for advancing the class,and improving events, made by delegates and observers to the meeting. They included – separate events (techno class only); adding a long distance race, mass start, at suitable venues; product prizes; more social events.

9.  Elections to Committee.

Note-The 2008 AGM agreed an increase in committee to 9 members, and approved the proposal to have a representative of each continent in the world where the class was established. The incoming committee elects its Chairman and Vice Chairman.

9.1 The seven members of the outgoing committee offering themselves for re-election – Ezio Ferin, Marc Cardon, Helen Cartwright, Marco Rossi, Didier Flamme, Paul Rogers, Nevin Sayre – were re-elected.

9.2 Gustavo Almenara, Argentina, was elected to the committee.

9.3 It was agreed that the committee appoint a representative from Asia to fill the vacancy. It was unanimously agreed that Winfield Zee, Hong Kong, be appointed.

See voting slip summary.

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