Organisation/AGM /Minutes 2006

TECHNO 293 Class

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 2nd  August 2006 at 20h00 at Lega Navale Club, Marsala,Italia (Sicily) during the Techno 293 2006 World Championship.

Attending :

Committee Members:

Ezio Ferin  Vote
Marc Cardon Vote
Helen Cartwright Vote
Didier Flamme Vote
Marco Rossi  Vote
Ceri Williams  Vote
Deborah Powell Vote
National T293 Representatives:
Omar Juan ESP Vote
Marc Cardon FRA Vote
Chris Masters GBR Vote
Thomas Reulein GER Vote
Valerio Linares ITA Vote
Email voting NED Vote
Piotr Hlavaty POL Vote
Observers: Non Voting:
Nayl Driss TUN Measurer
Maciek Dziemanczak POL coach
Allan Arjut EST
Karmo Kalk EST
Jaan Alver EST
Kent Parika EST
Oli Woodcock GBR coach
Richard Sills GBR parent
Gabriele Schlotmann GER coach
Ernst Schliemann GER parent
Netta Levin ISR coach
Maria Munoz ESP coach
Yan Bouverne FRA coach
David Robertson NZL coach
Grant Lynch NZL parent

1) Welcome and registration of voting delegates

The Meeting was chaired by Ezio Ferin (standing President). According to the class constitution the meeting was quorate. The Agenda had been published and necessary papers made available to participants.</align=left>

2) Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The Minutes had been circulated to all national associations, and published on the class website.

There were no matters arising.

3) Chairman’s Report

“The best report that I can give is the development of the class since 2005 – as witnessed by the increased numbers at this years championship, and the worldwide distribution of boards. Yes, there are problems, we can improve, but this illustrates the vitality of the class.

Key issues were be discussed during this meeting.”

4) Financial Statements and Class activities for 2005
commented by Ceri Williams (IWA).

Full details would be made available at the IWA AGM, however class Income and Expenditure (Jan – Dec 2005) was circulated to the meeting.

5) The future of the Class

See attached schedule of voting; discussion notes follow:

5.1     International status

Unanimously approved. Ezio Ferin stressed the importance of MNA’s sending letters of support for the application to ISAF.

5.2     Additional age group category

Stimulated much discussion. In summary:

– techno vital to broaden the base of racing

– inexpensive compared to other options, particularly RS:X

– focus should remain on junior sailors, ie under 17 and under 15

– useful option, ie to enable kids to stay in class beyond under 17

– less suitable for “heavy” sailors

– important to continue co-operation with other classes ie Raceboard Youth

– no proposals to fundamentally alter Class Rules eg bigger rig option


– continue world championships alongside Raceboard Youth – with possible Techno 293 (8.5) division within Youth Worlds.

– “open” Techno 293 (7.8) division at Techno 293 international regattas.

5.3  Olympic Pathway

The AGM re-affirmed support for Techno 293 as the “simple and effective pathway to Olympic sailing for youth and juniors.”

5.4  Techno Cup Series

Overwhelming support for international regattas to support development of young racers as a stepping stone between national events and class World /Continental Championships. However a Cup or “ranking” series would be too demanding on young sailors (and parents); and possibly undermine national and “regional” series such as North Sea Cup and Mediteranean Cup.

It was agreed to introduce an International Calendar to class website – events shall be “open” and the Notice of Race shall be approved before an event can be included on the calendar.

5.5  Approved Rig list or One-Design?

Considerable debate on this subject with strong views on all sides.  Opinion was split between: strict one design; limited rig option (reduction on current list); open approved rig list. The majority support limited or open rig option.

It was agreed:

– to prepare and circulate a questionaire on the subject – Helen Cartwright to draft, committee to approve before publicaton.

Concern was expressed that rigs on the Approved List may not be available at the maximum price of  700 euro; and that the sails on the list may not actually measure within Class Rules, or production be consistant.

It was agreed:

– to publish a list of countries where a rig on the Approved List can be purchased for 700 euro

– to remain on the list from 2008 onwards any rig must be available in at least 2 countries

– l sails must be “certified” as measuring to size and consistant in production by being “measured” by a Class and ISAF approved measurer (either in house, or by forwarding sample sails to approved location.)

The discussion widened to increasing the “box” – ie adding new sails to the list; and possible benefits of approving sails that are sold “direct” via the internet (eg. Point 7)

It was agreed:

– new rigs could be approved for 2007, but for one year only, when a further review regarding 2008 onwards would be conducted prior to the 2007 AGM.

Comment was received concerning the limited “equipment inspection” carried out at the championship; and the need to increase the number of measurers/ inspectors available to the class.

It was agreed:

– to run a seminar for new “Equipment Inspectors” during the New Years Race, Cadiz (January 2007)

6)  Class Rule changes

Ceri Williams outlined procedures (ISAF regulations) for making changes to Class Rules. No specific proposals for changing Class Rules had been submitted; merely a proposal recommending the AGM  to authorise the Committee to submit amendments that seek to clarify existing Class Rules; for example where there appears to be a contradiction between the class rules and text within the Approved Rig specification (see 5.5 change down rig).

It was agreed: see #6 AGM proposals/voting paper.

7)  Future Championship venues

Ceri Williams informed the meeting that a 2007 European Championship had been scheduled for Cadiz from 1 to 5 January, as part of the established New Years Race; and a 2007 World Championship contracted with Formentera, ESP (late August or early September).

Although hosting a Europeans and Worlds in Europe in any one year was a departure from established practice, the AGM approved the decision.  Vote: 9 in favour, 1 against.

However the decision to contract the Worlds to Formentera caused concern. Ezio Ferin, and other Committee members could not recall being informed of the decision. Ceri Williams informed the meeting that he had followed established (IWA) practice for awarding events; with the priority being to finalise the international calendar in good time, and there being no other candidates (at the time ), it was a “formality” to award the contract to Formentera.

Note: the Committee had now received an alternative bid from Brest,FRA.

Ezio Ferin decided to adjourn further discussion on Championship venues until the next evening, after the IWA AGM, and following an open forum with Benoit Treguily (Bic Sport). 

8)  Election to Committee.

There being no new nominations for Committee received, and the outgoing committee members offering themselves for re-election, the 2005/2006 committee was duly, and unanimously, re-elected.

The meeting was closed at 23.00

Application to become an ISAF “International” Class

schedule of voting

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