At the 2022 Techno293 AGM and elections we witnessed an emotional moment as Marc Cardon, a true friend who has dedicated many years of his life to windsurfing and the Techno293 Class, stepped down from chairing the Executive Committee.

Marc announced his resignation after being re-elected to the Executive Committee – “I have been taking care of windsurfing and the class for a very long time and I wish to devote more time to my family and my grandchildren.
I stopped all my local, national and international sailing activities and responsibilities except Techno 293.
I have just been re-elected to the class executive committee and I look forward to continuing to serve the class for many years to come, but I have decided to step down from its presidency.”

As per the Class Constitution it was the Executive Committee, who selected the next President of the Class during a meeting, which took place after the AGM. It was Marc, who proposed Benoit Treguilly to take on the role

Marc praised Benoit in his opening speech to the Executive – “Benoit, former employee of BIC Sport then of Tahe, now retired, has been following and working for our class for numerous years.

When he stopped working, he proposed his candidacy to the Executive Committee and has been elected to our class’s committee.

He works for our class since the Aloha time. He is, with me, one of the three people who had created the Techno293 and at the time that was not easy because no manufacturer, including Bic Sport, wanted to continue to develop and produce a board with a dagger-board. Without him it would have been very difficult to replace the Aloha.

Benoit knows all about the class and its story of both sides the one of the class and the one of the manufacturer.

He has kept very good contacts with Tahe. And the last but not the least he has a mastery of English better than mine.

For all these reasons I am sure that is a very good opportunity for our class and his future.

I stay in the committee and, of course if he needed it, I would be there to help him.”

The Executive Committee then moved into discussion and approved the proposal announcing Benoit Treguilly the next T293 Class Chairman,