The official launch of the Techno 293 World Championships 2022 took place on Monday evening, with a superb opening ceremony organised by the city of Limassol in conjunction with the Cypriot Sailing Federation, who are very involved in the whole event. After the training “races” during the afternoon, where all the riders and organisers were able to test themselves and the local conditions (12 knot wind), the riders boarded coaches that took them to the city centre for the traditional team parade through the streets and round the marina. The official ceremony took place at the marina, with some opening speeches plus a mini-concert by a local group who had a tune for every team present and got the riders on their feet and ready for the serious action to come ! That serious action was scheduled to start on Tuesday, the riders and the race committee were on the starting blocks and ready for a few good rounds of racing. Unluckily, some very menacing black clouds starting building over the mountains in the centre of the island and making their way towards the race spot. Given the serious risk posed to the fleet by the approaching storm, the race committee brought all the fleets back to shore. Once the storms had passed to the west, they tried starting again but the wind died off completely….. Back to shore again for all the teams and everyone crossing their fingers for a better showing from the weather on today!

A round-up of the first two days is available to enjoy on the event website, featuring the first videos and photos.

Event website