In November 2005 the Techno 293 Class was granted “Recognised” Class status by ISAF.  The Class was born out of the Aloha Class, and underwent a transitional year in 2005 as the Aloha /Techno Class.  The aim is the same – “a class devoted to fostering the development of windsurf racing for junior competitors around the world through the promotion of an inexpensive racing format.”[more]

During 2005 and 2006 over 2,400 techno one design boards have been delivered to over 30 countries , representing 5 continents.  8 countries have fleets in excess of 50 boards – the minimum required under ISAF Regulations for International Class status.

This years world championships in Marsala, Sicly, has 100 competitors  from 10 countries, representing 3 continents.  In these countries the Techno 293 Class is the first step on the “Olympic Pathway” – a logical progression to Neil Pryde RS:X.  Many other countries are in the process of adopting this pathway.

The Techno Class, with the support of  IFCA, Raceboard and Formula classes, request the move to International status to ensure the continuity of development of windsurf racing.

We kindly ask that you sign the following letter of support and send it back to us. Alternatively you can forward direct to ISAF 

Techno Class Committee.
July 2006.

Please send back by fax t +44 2392 468831 by 10th of August 06

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We hereby support the initiative of the Techno 293 Class Association to become an ISAF international class association.

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