Annual General Meeting – Elections

During the AGM there will be an election of committee members. To respect 8.1 of the Class Constitution half of the committee is standing down and the election will be conducted for five available places for a period of four years. [more]


Helen Bennett (GBR)

Sara Cholnoky (HUN)

Vladimir Dubov (RUS) – nomination withdrawn

Ezio Ferin (ITA)

Ali Masters (GBR)

Yair Suari (ISR)

Benoit Treguilly (FRA)

Election Procedure

Only delegates appointed by full members in good standing to represent them at this AGM and the 5 remaining committee members may vote for five (5) Executive Committee Members. The Executive Committee will consist of the elected Committee Members and those Committee Members, who did not stand down. In total the Executive Committee counts ten (10) members.

Votes for candidates to the Executive Committee should be made on the election form addressed to the General Secretary.

The Techno293 Class will accept votes from delegate full members only by email only

All votes must be received by 1800 hours UTC on 17 December 2020. (24 hours after the start of the AGM).

There is no provision for extending this time limit.
All votes will be acknowledged directly to the full members within 12 hours of receipt.
If you do not receive an acknowledgement within that timeframe, please contact the General Secretary.

If there is tie between candidates for the last available position/s in the Committee there shall be a following up election for the available place/s at a future date to decide the ties.

It is a secret ballot vote. It is the General Secretary who will be the only one count the votes and who will announce the Techno293 Executive Committee based on votes received and constitutional requirements. Results of the election will be published as soon as practicable after the AGM with a table summary showing only the number of votes obtained by each of the candidates.

Submissions received

Following a series of discussions with NCAs the following submissions have been put forward for consideration by the Executive Secretary.

1. Modification of Constitution – Including the Techno Wind Foil 130
2. Proposal to change Class Rules – Updating Class Rule naming and terminology
3. Proposal to change Class Rules – Adding the U13 category
4. Proposal to change Class Rules – Limiting sail size for the U13 division
5. Proposal to change Class Rules – Removal of the Above 17 division
6. Proposal to change Class Rules – Removal of Division Identification
7. Proposal to change Class Rules – Define age divisions for Techno Plus
8. Other submission – The U13 division should race together, boys and girls

All submissions are available here

All submissions will be discussed at the AGM

What is next?

15 DEC 18:00 UTC – Deadline for submission of delegate nomination forms and email votes.
16 DEC 18:00 UTC – AGM online via Zoom

AGM Agenda

Previous Minutes
Chairman’s Report
Financial Statements
Class Committee Elections
Class Committee recommendations
Class Rule change submissions to World Sailing
Other Submissions
Progress report on Techno Wind Foil 130
Other matters

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