From Friday July 6th to Sunday July 8th Civitavecchia will host an International Techno 293 regatta, the “Acquario Infinito-Endless Aquarium Trophy”. Local organizer is Lega Navale Italiana of Civitavecchia, one of the most engaged sailing club for young people windsurfing in Italy, many times venue of important events such as Aloha & T293 National Championships and National Regattas, FW Italian Cup Series, Formula Experience National Championships and the first RS:X regatta in Italy ever. [more]Considering school holidays time and the location in the centre of Italy a lot of competitors are expected. Official T293 British Team has already confirmed that join this regatta and it’s possible some German competitors will come.

The “Lega Navale of Civitavecchia” (Civitavecchia’s Sailing Union) is one of the well-organized sailing club in Italy oriented to young people. With Marsala and Bordighera is one of the cradles of Aloha Class and now of T293 heritage. Based on tradition of Lega Navale, many volunteers work to welcome all guests. The sailing club is located downtown along the seaside near railway station and tourist harbour, and has a good private parking, a well-equipped bar, and excellent cooks usually offer to competitors and friends the best foods of Italian and Roman tradition appreciated all over the world. Accomodation in town is good and we can arrange cultural visits in town or in the outskirts of Civitavecchia, where nature and culture are the queens. All competitors interested to take part of this event have to contact Italian National Windsurfing Coordinator Office  ASAP.


It follows a short story of “Acquario Infinito” Association that in 2007 supports T293 regatta in Civitavecchia too.

The Association Acquario Infinito (in English: Endless Aquarium) was founded in 2006 by Giulio Balestrieri’s relatives and friends in order to remember Giulio that died in a tragic accident during a dive. Acquario Infinito is an association different from usual ones, because environmental culture is focused on unusual way, joining a remark about the meaning of spending holiday times in a new-shaped relation among mankind, nature and sea that goes over the traditional characters of fishermen or bathers. During summertime Acquario Infinito promotes learning the safety on sea through correct and careful behaviours in order to build together a more civilized and humane society that respects all people making good use of one of the more special natural habitat.

Acquario Infinito makes a good lobbying on establishment because local and national administrations adopt laws and inspections become more frequent. Many events has been scheduled in 2006 in order to achieve this goal: meetings, conventions, concerts, yoga courses, kayak and canoe competitions. Last November the final event of Techno 293 racing season in Italy has been supported by Acquario Infinito, offering to the winner the Guido Balestrieri Cup, so embracing the philosophy, common to them and to young people windsurfing, to promote sea education and the training of future generations toward a sustainable development and way of life.

In 2007 one time again Acquario Infinito is promoting a campaign in order to awaking public opinion to the safety on sea, a short films & movies competition about sea during Santa Marinella’s International Film Festival on end-July/early August and a convention about “Listening the sea”. We are very proud that the international T293 regatta on July 6th-8th is dedicated to the memory of Giulio Balestrieri.