At the culmination of the week long ISAF Conference in Helsinki, the Council rejected the aplication from Techno 293 Class for International status.

To read detailed Reports from this year’s Conference, together with Ceri Williams report to the IWA Executive, go to the IWA website.

Extracts from the Reports follow.[more]

The Windsurfing Committee approved the application subject to meeting requirements of Regulation 26.2.1, which requires proof that the class is actively racing in at least 6 countries representing 3 continents either “by confirmation from the requisite number of Member National Authorities (with letters of support) or a listing of registered board owners.”

The application was short of one “letter of support”, fderom a non European MNA.

Similarly the Equipment Committee (the Reporting Committee on this issue to the Council) approved, subject to satisfactory confirmation of conforming to Regulation 26 before the Council meeting.

Council were not satisfied with the new evidence produced, and rejected the application.

A solution. During the Windsurfing Committee meeting the ISAF General Secretary, Arve Sundheim, proposed a solution for 2007. The class apply to the mid year meeting for an additional world title (for girls) – following the example set for the RS:X Class in 2006, where the class was granted a Women’s World Title (Torbole, September 2006)