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World Sailing Approved Class and Equipment for 2018 Youth Olympic Games


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8. Techno 293 Plus
8.1 It is proposed to support an application to ISAF in November 2016 to become an ISAF Class.
8.2 It is proposed to adopt theClass Rules.
8.3 It is proposed to adopt the Championship Rules as amended by the AGM.


The Final BIG ONE!
Posted On:  22/10/2018 08:37:45

Aaahhh! It's still Summer, end of October, time to relax after a long season of riding, racing and having fun, time to head off to Greece for some serious r'n'r . . .
Greece, yes. r'n'r, no. The European Techno fleet has de-camped to Varkiza, Greece, for the final "big-one" of the season, the Dole Techno293 European Championships.

Event Race Director Micheal Mitakis is looking forward to the event starting. "We've been preparing for this championships for a year and I'm looking forward to the first day of racing tomorrow. Our club is in a beautiful area, one of the best spots for windsurfing in Greece. We already have great windsurfers, but I'm sure more are to come." 
The Youth Olympic Games have proven that Greece is strong, but they will not be the only ones looking for the win here.
From Norway to Israel, from Portugal to Poland, 236 competitors from 22 countries have made their way to the beautiful spot at Varkiza to decide the last big championships of the Techno season. Four titles will be decided during a packed week of intense competition: Junior (under 15) Boy and Junior Girl; Youth (under 17) Boy and Youth Girl. 

Conditions for today's practice day were picturesque and, with the weather looking settled for the next couple of days, we should be in for a real treat watching the next generation of Olympians battle it out for honours over a full week in the most vibrant class in windsurfing today.
Good racing, and good luck everyone!

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