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Mondello, Sicily, Italy            19th  to 23rd  May 2010

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Website for the 25th edition of the famous
World Festival on the Beach

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Day Three - France & Poland take European Team Racing titles in Mondello, Sicily 

A tense day on the water at the European Team Racing Championships. The day began by the race committee completing one further race for all teams in order to finish the second round robin and move onto the semi final stage of the competition. The successful teams, in ranking order from the preliminary rounds, were : T293 - FRA, ITA, GBR, RUS; RSX - POL, ARG, FRA, ITA.

In the semi final stages it was best of three races with the teams lining up as:
Techno 293 - FRA v RUS and ITA v GBR.
RSX - ARG v FRA and POL v ITA.

Meeting in the finals were:
Techno 293 - FRA v ITA; RSX - ARG v POL.
France and Poland emerged victorious to take the 2010 Team Racing titles.

Final positions after the close of racing:
Techno 293 - FRA (1st); ITA (2nd); RUS (3rd); GBR (4th)
RSX - POL (1st); ARG (2nd); FRA (3rd); ITA (4th)

Techno European Team Champions - Team France:
Clidame Humeau (FRA 6)
Maxime Labat (FRA 0)
Albert Chaillot (FRA 354)

RSX European Team Champions - Team Poland:
Maksimilian Wojcek (POL 7)
Lukasz Grodzicki (POL 1)
Hanna Idziak (POL 2)

Day Two - One more race to be completed before the semi finals

Despite a very full day of racing at the European Team Racing Championships, one further race for all teams must be completed before moving into the semi final stages of the competition. The top four teams in each class proceed to the next stage.

The preliminary stage consists of two "round robins " - in each round each team will race once against each of the other teams, one at a time. With 6 teams in each class, each round will consist of 5 races for each - team v team.

At the close of the first round robin the winning teams were from France in Techno 293 class, and Italy in the RSX class.

The race committee then moved into the second round robin series of races. After 4 races on RSX for each team, Argentina hold an unassailable lead (4 wins) over Poland, France and Italy, each with 2 wins.

France also had a very good day with 4 wins to lead in the Techno 293 class, ahead of Italy and Great Britain both with 3 wins.

Day One - European Team Racing gets started in Mondello, Sicily

The inaugural Techno European Team Racing Championships got under way today in Mondello, Sicily. The championship is part of the world famous World Festival on the Beach Festival, now in its 25th edition!

Six teams lined up to challenge for the title - France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Russia and Spain. The delayed start, waiting for the wind, meant only 2 "flights" of the planned first (of 2) round robins could be completed. The wind increased to 18-20 knots as racing progressed late into the afternoon. The day finished with 3 teams tied at the top - each with two race wins - France, Great Britain and Italy.

In the RSX class six teams were also competing for the 3rd annual championship, and with 3 flights completed Italy are leading with 3 race wins - ahead of New Zealand and Poland who are tied on 2 races apiece.

An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event

Team Racing Championships confirmed for Mondello . . .

The inaugural Techno 293 Team Racing Championships will take place in Mondello, Sicily, from 19th to 23rd May 2010. The team racing is included in the programme for the 25th edition of the famous World Festival on the Beach.

Entry is limited to eight teams and is free of charge.  Each entry must be confirmed by the organiser, who will be providing travel and accommodation incentives.

Also included in the programme is the Sicily Grand Prix - where unlimited individual entries will be accepted for fleet racing over the final 3 days of the festival.  All Team members automatically get free entry to the Grand Prix.

Notice of Race


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