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Organisation/ISAF Reports/2009

2009 Annual Report from the Techno 293 Class to the ISAF Windsurfing Committee

The Techno 293 Class has enjoyed a year of fantastic growth.

Membership - The class now has membership from 25 nations representing 4 continents.  In addition entries for the 2009 Worlds were accepted from 4 individuals representing - ARG, CAN, HUN, LTU, PER & UKR.

Events - The most successful Worlds ever this year with over 260 competitors.

European Championships - Lacanau, France.  10th to 15th April.

Under 15 Champions: Kieran Martin (GBR); Noelle Finch (GBR)

Under 17 Champions: Sam Sills (GBR); Lea Mattei (FRA)

World Championships - Weymouth, UK.   22nd to 29th August.

Under 15 Champions: Kieran Martin (GBR); Saskia Sills (GBR)

Under 17 Champions: Sam Sills (GBR); Veronica Fanciulli (ITA)

Continental Championships were also held in North America (USA) & South America (ARG).


Continental Championships will take place in Europe, North and South America, Oceania, and - for the first time - in Asia and Africa. These championship will also be the continental qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games.


The 2009 AGM approved a revision of the class rules to include an "open" division (ie 17 years and older racing with 7.8 OD equipment) and an "under 13" division racing with the 5.8 OD equipment.  It was noted that the 5.8 sail and rig had been successfully introduced to the market.

Ezio Ferin, Chairman.

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