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Organisation/ISAF Reports/2008

2008 Annual Report for the Techno 293 Class.

"The Techno 293 Class is devoted to fostering the development of windsurf racing for competitors under the age of 17 years old around the world through the promotion of an inexpensive racing format."

The 2007 AGM approved a proposal to work with the industry to find a suitable "one-design" rig to be supplied equipment at the 2008 World Championship, as the next step towards becoming a one design class. The class committee launched a rigorous selection process and ultimately selected the Bic One Design Sail and Rig for both 7.8 (under 17) and 6.8 (under 15) divisions.

The 2008 AGM approved new "One Design" Class Rules for 2009 onwards, which included provision for a new Bic OD 5.8 sail and rig as "change-down" sail for the under 15 sailors.

2010. The Techno 293, with 7.8 OD sail and rig was selected as equipment to be supplied for the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore.

Membership.The class now has membership from 20 nations representing 4 continents.


European Championships – Civitavecchia, Italy.  March 20th to 24th. 138 competitors.

Under 15 Champions: Maxime Labat (FRA); Veronica Fanciulli (ITA)

Under 17 Champions: Mateo Sans (ESP); Helene Noesmoen (FRA)

World Championships - Sopot, Poland. August 9th to 16th. 198 competitors.

Under 15 Champions: Martin Olmeta (FRA); Catherine Fogli (ITA)

Under 17 Champions: Pawel Tarnowski (POL); Helene Noesmoen (FRA)

Continental Championships are also planned for North America, South America and Asia in 2009, with the probability of Oceania and Africa being added in 2010.


 Ezio Ferin, Chairman.

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