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Organisation/ISAF Reports/2006

           2006 Annual Report for the Techno 293 Class.

In November 2005 the Techno 293 Class was granted "Recognised" Class status by ISAF. The Class was born out of the Aloha Class, and underwent a transitional year in 2005 as the Aloha /Techno Class.

"The Techno 293 Class is devoted to fostering the development of windsurf racing for competitors under the age of 17 years old around the world through the promotion of an inexpensive racing format."

The above statement is a quote from the T293 Class Rules -Introduction.    A simple analogy would be to see the T293 as the 'Optimist' of the windsurfing classes. 

The T293 Class underpins the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) Racing Structure - supporting the senior and youth programmes of both the International Formula and International Raceboard classes.

The International Funboard Class (IFCA) supported the establishment of this 'junior' class to support its development programme for slalom and speed disciplines.

Multi-brand support.  The T293 is not a strict 'one design' class, but a class with a combination of OD and 'open' equipment (class) rules: a combination of Bic Techno 293 One Design board, and choice of rigs (ie mast, boom and sail) from an Approved Rig List .

Simply put - the rigs all include: sails with a maximum of 2 cams and 7 battens; a carbon mast with less than 100% carbon content; and an aluminium boom.

There are two age categories, each with maximum permitted sail size:
1) - under 15, with max. sail size 6.8 (optional change down sail 5.5 or less)                 
2) - under 17, with max. sail size 7.8 (with the approved 6.8 as change down sail).

The future?

  • There is a need for an International Class to encourage the development of junior racing in support of all racing classes, including the Olympic Class.

  • There is need for separate world titles for boys and girls. 

  A formal submission has been made to ISAF, which is before this committee this November. A supporting document forwarded with the application is reproduced below.  It illustrates the current strength of the class and 2006 activity.

Ezio Ferin. Chairman

The TECHNO 293 Class (an ISAF Recognised Class)

formally apply to be designated an ISAF International Class according to ISAF Regulation 26.

26.2.1            ….

a)      We have an active Class/Owners Association:  2006 membership represented by 15 national windsurfing associations from 3 continents. 

b)     We have a constitution passed by a PRE-EXISTING class/owners association.

c)      We have a set of class rules in the ISAF Standard Class Rules format, and adopting the Equipment Rules of Sailing.

d)     We are 'actively racing' -

  • 95 competitors from 9 countries and 2 continents competed in the 2006 world championships, a good result  for 'junior' windsurf racing.

  • The  class is developing in North & South America, Oceania (particularly NZL) and Asia (eg Hong Kong); and is popular with developing nations in Europe (eg Estonia & Turkey)

  • 2400 boards have been distributed worldwide by Bic Sport in the past 2 years; the following countries have accepted more than 50 boards: BEL, ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, HKG, ISR, ITA, ISR, USA.

e)     We can meet these requirements.  MNA's have been requested to forward  letters of support direct to the ISAF Secretariat.

f)       See support submission from IFWC.

g)      FEE paid - the fee of £1,000 to support the application was paid in 2005.

The class supports the development of windsurf racing worldwide; it is the ideal introduction to olympic windsurfing, and is already adopted by many countries as first step on the "Olympic pathway".

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