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Posted On:  11/11/2019 10:02:49

The Penghu or Pescadores Islands are an archipelago of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait and winter here is a paradise for windsurfing. With temperatures around 23-24*C it is not too cold and not too hot either. What is really the key feature here is the Taiwan Strait a wind making machine compressing the wind between Taiwan and mainland China and rushing it through the small Penghu islands. 

The place, compact as it is, delivers multiple spots for wind and kitesurfing. Lovely beaches just a short drive away from each other. You can imagine racing is exceptional. And exceptional is what we had today. Again. 

We started the day off with the Techno293 and Glide. The wind was a little lighter than on the previous day, averaging around 15 kts in the morning session and 17 kts as it was time for the RS:X to race. The direction was stable and three splendid back to back races were conducted. The day went like clockwork, with every race starting and finishing as scheduled.

6 races in 4 hours for 4 divisions - another great day in Penghu. The competitors cooperating nicely too, no protests and all caught on course side returning to restart the race.
In the Techno293 Class Chun Po Lam has established a clear lead now, with three bullets today he leads by 5 points ahead of Janson Shek from Hong Kong and Yin Li Wen from Taipei. Cheuk Wing Mak still leading amongst the girls but dropping to fourth overall.  

Tomorrow something we have not experienced here yet. Racing has been postponed to 13:00, as the forecast shows no hope of the wind in the morning. 

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