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US Sailing announce 2018 US Youth Olympic Sailing Team
Posted On:  10/07/2018 16:55:58

US Sailing has announced roster names and details for the 2018 U.S. Youth Olympic Sailing Team to compete at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 on October 6-18, 2018.

Held every four years, 2018 will mark the third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games, which are expected to include nearly 4,000 athletes aged 15-18 from over 200 nations. The sailing events are expected to include over 100 athletes.

Roster to compete for the 2018 U.S. Youth Olympic Sailing Team at the Youth Olympic Games:
Windsurfing (Girls) - Techno 293 Plus: Dominique Stater (Miami, Fla.), member of 2017 and 2018 US Sailing Youth Worlds Team
Windsurfing (Boys) - Techno 293 Plus:  Manuel Nores (Miami Beach, Fla.), 2017 and 2018 U.S. Youth Sailing Champion

"The 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires represent a very special and unique opportunity for our young and developing sailors in so many ways," said Leandro Spina, US Sailing Olympic Development Director. "These athletes have dedicated themselves to sport and their participation at an event like this rewards them for their training and overall efforts to become the best they can be."

Buenos Aires 2018 brings 28 sports together on October 6-18 and will welcome sailors across five events. The Men's and Women's Techno293 Plus fleets will feature 24 athletes each.

The Youth Olympic Games are the world's largest multi-sport event for high-performance young athletes, bringing together young athletes aged between 15 and 18 every four years. Like the Olympic Games, there are two editions - winter and summer - which are held every two years alternately.

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