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Barbara & Leonidas receive WOW awards
Posted On:  28/01/2016 15:48:17

World of Windsurf, online magazine, has awarded their 2015 student athlete sportmanship awards to young racers from the Techno 293 class.  Barbara-Izabella Ramirez Villa Real, from Brasil, and Leonidas Tsortanidis , from Greece, were the recipients.

"Barbara, the girl who came to France in 2014 raising money on her own by personal donation sponsorship. Almost a beginner in Brest, and finished 34th in Cagliari, Italy. Despite the fact that her English is not at the best, she is communicative and passionate about the sport, always trying to talk with others and from our point of view it is much more then just sport or results for her to be a part of the community."

"Leonidas, the pride of Greece, bringing home the country's first ever gold medal in the Techno 293 Class."

Congratulations to them both. 

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