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Exhibition Race-Junior Techno Cup -Day 7
Posted On:  04/10/2015 15:38:06

The championship may be over but on Sunday the organisers had two more events to complete before bringing down the curtain on a week of windsurfing activity.

An exhibition race took place inside the bay, 21 invited sailors taking part in a short race, with a finish just off the beach. The sailors were competing not for a title but for a share of the 300,000 yen prize fund courtesy of Bic Sport Japan
Bic Sport also provided the equipment free of charge: Techno 293 boards powered by 8.5 sail and rig, the new T293 PLUS class now evolving.

The top three, and prize winners, were:
1st-Mori Yuta
2nd-Komine Megumi
3rd-Iseda Megumi

Exhibition Race Full Results

The National Techno Junior Cup also took place over the weekend with young Japanese children competing in 3 divisions. The divisions were based upon sail size: 3.5,4.5, and 5.5; and demonstrated the ideal structure for developing the techno 293 class, providing the sport with the ideal base from which it can grow.

National Junior Full Results
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