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Notice of Annual General Meeting
Posted On:  24/08/2015 15:56:29

The 2015 AGM will take place during the forthcoming Worlds in Cagliari, Sardinia - and is scheduled for Thursday 29th October.
The exact time and location will be published on the championship Official Notice Board; with a start time depending upon the end of racing for that day.

The Agenda for the meeting will include:
- Minutes from 2014 AGM and any Matters Arising
- Chairman’s Report
- Financial Report
- Recommendations from the Committee
- Proposals received from the members.
There are no committee elections this year.

A detailed Agenda, including any proposals/submissions to be voted upon, will be published no later than the 8th October.

Proposals from members:
- to change Class Rules or Championship Rules
- to amend the Constitution
- for Championship venues
- for Any Other Business
should be submitted to the class secretary no later than the 30th September

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