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Greeks and Hungarians Getting Ready for the Europeans
Posted On:  08/04/2014 18:02:58

The second Windsurfing Club races (Ranking list ) for the year 2014 took place on April 5 & 6 at the Athletic Nautical Club of Vari-Varkiza  (N.A.O.V.V). It is interesting to mention that the races took place only 15 days prior to the European Championships to be held in Lake Garda, Italy where 17 Greek athletes from six different Nautical Clubs will be participating.

The participants of the above games were 53 athletes of all ages class T293 and categories U17, U15, U13) and included five athletes from Hungary. In addition there were 10 athletes of class RS:X and 10 athletes of class FORMULA.

There were a total of six races during this two-day period and the ever changing weather conditions made the races very interesting.

The medium to strong winds of the first day produced big waves but gave the opportunity to the athletes to try their capabilities during the three races that the organizing committee had arranged.

The light south winds of the second day were beneficial for the "lighter" athletes giving an interesting re-arrangement of the ranking results.

The location of the racing area in the Varkiza golf gave the opportunity to the families and friends of the athletes to watch and enjoy the races from close proximity.

There were a good number of new members who made their debut but it was also very obvious that the older participants had improved greatly; thus assisting in further promoting the development of the games and the Greek Bic Techno 293 class.

We would like to mention that Petros Kontarinis (2006) is the youngest athlete who has participated in this class up to now.

We would also like to thank the athletes and coaches from Hungary whose participation gave an International flair to our games.

Photos from Bic Techno 293 Greece

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