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Youth exchange between competitors or future competitors clubs
Posted On:  04/04/2013 07:02:31

Hello, I'm from Aloha Attitude, Brest (contact Valerie and Christophe Boutet).

At the last world championships in Medemblik BIC 293 and the European Championships in Murcia, our riders have rubbed and acquaintance with young competitors from other countries, other horizons. These spontaneous exchanges between young people driven by the same passion, windsurfing and competition, we were delighted and challenged. The leadership of the NLC and club coaches have decided to explore this path: allow young riders of different nationalities to meet, train and communicate with them.

Section Windsurfing CNL search for a foreign club to initiate exchanges between young competitors or future competitors. This exchange is an opportunity for our young boys and girls to create strong links with other young people they are likely to find on international regattas. This is an opportunity to discover a new body of water conditions weather, different training methods probably a little different. It is also a particularly rewarding experience in human, linguistic and culinary .... We also see an opportunity for many young teens to mature.

For which this exchange:
- Competitors (or future competitors) A17 12 years or BIC 293 race board
- Fully autonomous youth windsurfing

How we see the exchange:
- During the school summer holidays (in France in July and August)
- For a period of one week to ten days in each country
- On the basis of reciprocity (in the family home)
- In a framework that focuses on the practice of windsurfing with navigation links and participation in a local if the opportunity arises
- Independently on the material plane PAV (each participant using their own equipment or BIC TECHNO 293 race board)
- With a reference adult (coach or parent) present during the entire stay abroad
- Travel expenses to and runners are the responsibility of each club
- Overseeing each club outings on the water level security.
- Should we go further in this first contact?

As you can see we are still in construction phase and prospectively. If you have ideas to offer, if you are interested in this project thank you for contacting us.

Patrick Le Lay
Administrator Windsurfing
Centre Nautique de Lorient.

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