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ISAF re-instate windsurfing and RS:X Class for Rio
Posted On:  12/11/2012 12:36:54

"We are of course very happy for the windsurfing world about the ISAF decision for Rio, but in the same time we feel very sad for the Kite. It is very bad that such good news for us is so disappointing for the other.  We never asked for the Kite out, and I want to remind to everyone the solution we propose, by mutual consent with the Kite world and the ISAF Windsurfing and Kiteboard Committee - which was to include both.

The only thing we (windsurf classes) have to do is to work harder than ever for an improvement in all aspect of the competition, to honour the responsibility that has been given to us by ISAF.

I want to thank everyone that have contributed to decision to have windsurfing in Rio - especially sailors, parents, coaches and national classes."

Ezio Ferin
T293 President

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