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T293 OD Public Price List 2012
Posted On:  13/12/2011 15:02:39

The 2012 T293 OD price list will come into effect as of 1 January 2011.

Peter Durham, Bic Product Manager said, "Note that no change has been made in board pricing since 2010, and as of early 2012 nearly all distributors should be starting to make deliveries of the board with the new Deep Tuttle fin box. Some exceptions may exist due to the turnover of pre-existing stock.

There is a slight increase in rig pricing due to direct increases in manufacturing and material costs. In general where necessary the spare rig parts have also been increased according to the above position.

As you are aware we constantly endeavour to keep the T293 OD pricing as stable as possible to maximise the cost effectiveness of the Class, and the resulting participation by junior sailors and windsurfers. With this new 2012 pricing we are continuing to respect this position and endeavour."

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