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Europeans update - charter & sales, coach boats, transfers . . .
Posted On:  10/08/2011 21:15:10

A limited amount of charter equipment is being made available by BicSport and here is the timetable.

Deadline for submitting an application is 24th August. Those being offered equipment will be informed by 31st August.

Those offered equipment will have until 15th September to confirm acceptance of offer by paying the charter fee plus a deposit.

The charter will be sold after the event and can be taken away at the end. Pricing will be available soon and be sent to all those enquiring.

For charter applications, and to register your interest in buying, contact -

Coach boats will also be in limited supply and teams are advised to apply early - leave it late, and you may be disappointed! Use Form 5

NOTE - coaches are also required to register, in advance, with the club if bringing own coach boat - use the same form 5.

If you are flying into Sardinia with equipment and require a transfer you must book in advance - use Form 6

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