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Swedish Junior Championships Bic Techno 293 OD
Posted On:  02/07/2009 19:46:19
Vanersborg 22-26 June 2009

Day 1 - Sunny and warm weather with a light breeze met the competitors when they arrived for registration. Two tune-up races were completed before the big opening ceremony.
14 Bic sailors had registered, and 20 Kona sailors and a lot of dinghy sailors in different classes - in total it was over 500 sailors.

Day 2 - First competition day. Again nice sunny weather with a light breeze. The wind was really gusty 4-8 knots and for the sailors it was tricky to find the best wind. 3 races were completed with a different winner in each race. The races were really tight, small mistakes, and someone passed you. A big concert was held in the evening and the winners of the day’s races were rewarded.

Day 3 - Same weather as the days before, the race crew made o good job on the water and managed to complete 3 more races. Again difficult and tight racing. The light air racing makes every single decision so important. Many of the big heavy sailors were now hoping to get some more wind to show the lightweight guys what they could do as well.

Day 4 - Finally some more wind, but it was almost too much -  24-28 knots! It became really messy on the water, rescue boats had their hands full picking up the smaller sailors. The race crew on the starting boat had trouble keeping track of all the sailors but did a great job and got another 3 races in.

Day 5 - Final day and some really nice sunshine racing in 16-20 knots of wind. Again 3 races. After an intense week with a lot of hours on the water and 12 good races completed the sailors where really happy and it was a success for the first Swedish Bic Junior Championships. Hopefully even more sailors will join next year.

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