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African Championships - Congratulations to Ramzi-Ahmed Boudjatit (ALG-23) the Techno 293 champion.

FUN & FAIR RACING for all the kids around the world. Biggest windsurfing class in the world, which is Youth olympic class as well.
Kids love it, parents love it, organisers love it, officials love it as well. Find out more why it is such a success in this video

Windsurfing Club 360 hosts Baltic Challenge Cup
Posted On:  26/08/2014 09:51:02

70 riders from 4 countries came to Windsurfing Club 360 to participate in 2014 Baltic Challenge Cup. Three racing days, 8 races for Raceboard, 7 races for Techno293 and 5 races for kids 3,5 group.

There was a very unstable and changing wind on a first racing day, and it stopped after rain came down. The second day was really windy and we managed 4 races for Raceboard and 3,5 group, and 3 races for Techno riders. Light wind in the last competition day, and only 2 races for RB and T293 classes.

14 riders in 3.5 group - and the fastest one turned out to be Matiss Punte. Following him in 2nd place with similar points as 1st place -  Jekabs Ceze. And third place for Valters Videnieks. Results for 3.5 group.

Techno 293 was represented by 28 young people, and no doubt - no one could beat Sergei Karavan (U17) from Russia who won all the races. 2nd place also for Russia - Egor Zhilin (U17), and third place for Estonia - Alfred Kalm (U17).  Results for Techno293.

Also 28 people in Raceboard class, and the fastest of all turned out to be Vita Matise who won 4 of 8 races. Second place goes to Alvis Ozolins, and third place - Ilona Grinberga. Results for Raceboard.

Congratulations to all the winners. Hope to see you next year for Baltic Challenge Cup. Thanks to Riga City Council, Cabo Cafe, Venden and Burusports for the support.

Pictures here:

Published on 31 Dec 2014
100s of competitions on all continents, 1000s of participants around the world. Lot of fun, new adventures, new places, new friends. Another successful year for BIC Techno 293 One design class.

28 December to 4 January


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